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Harry and Meghan and Melisa

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It’s wedding week and the three of us are so excited!

If you’ve been reading for seven years or more, first: thank you! Second, you may remember how I live-blogged the wedding of William and Kate. If you need a refresher or just want to relive the madness (in the post and in the comments), click HERE.

I’ll be doing it all over again this Saturday as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. Once again I’ll be setting my alarm to get up and follow the Today Show coverage, which begins at 4:30am Eastern, and I hope you’ll join me!

Here’s how I imagine the morning will go around here, all times in Eastern:

4:20am: My alarm will go off. I will sigh heavily because I will have probably already been awake for an hour but then, remembering what day it is, will jump out of bed, brush my teeth, and be in the living room by 4:25.

4:26am: Will have a quick debate with myself about whether I should eat breakfast or not, knowing that if I do I’ll be hungry again by 6:30.

4:27am: I’ll grab a granola bar and leave it on the coffee table, wrapped, as a standby in case I can’t tear myself away later to make a proper breakfast.

4:29am: Will wish that I had dug out a tiara from one of the boxes in my office. Will consider going up there to do it anyway, since I can see the TV from there.

4:30am: Today Show coverage begins.

4:35am: Will scramble upstairs to my office to find a tiara.

4:40am: Will start my red carpet fashion coverage, looking out especially for William and Kate but first things first, hoping that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice don’t look eerily like Cinderella’s stepsisters as they did last time.

4:45am: Will eat the granola bar.

5:00am: Will have Diana on my mind. Should grab Kleenex.

5:10am: Will realize that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will likely be in the wedding party as they were recently for their aunt Pippa. Will commence preliminary swooning.

5:20am: Will accidentally shriek at the sight of someone or something and then feel remorse because Jim is still sleeping in the next room.

5:30am: Will be hungry again, earlier than originally predicted. Will run into the kitchen and make two Eggo waffles with peanut butter on them, saying “Leggo my Eggo” to absolutely nobody except myself.

5:40am: Will wish that the Obamas had been invited for many reasons.

5:45am: Will scream (mentally, again because Jim is still sleeping), “THIS IS THE BEST MORNING EVER!!!” even though I have had plenty of better mornings that have nothing to do with people I don’t actually know. I’m easily entertained.

5:55am: Will think, “Gosh, I’m going to need a nap when this is all over.”

5:56am: Thinking of my own nap needs will make me wonder just how tired Harry and Meghan will be when this is all over. Will not feel sorry for them at all. Okay, maybe a little bit because they ARE people, after all.

6:00am: Will wish I had prepared more wedding snacks, like some scones or something.

6:15am: Will be googling for information on some of the non-royal wedding guests, with whom I feel like I should be familiar but absolutely am not.

6:20am: Will remember that “The Crown” will be coming back to Netflix for season three and wish it wasn’t going to take so long.

6:21am: Will wonder if Claire Foy, star of “The Crown” (seasons one and two) is watching the royal wedding. NO DOUBT.

6:25am: Will start watching for Princes Harry and William, who are walking to the chapel.

6:30am: Will text Liz to see if she’s up yet. (95% chance she is and has been up since 5:00ish.)

6:35am: Will double check that my laptop and phone chargers are plugged in. Will readjust tiara, wishing I had picked the one that doesn’t give me a headache. Oh well, worth it.

6:40am: Will keep eyes glued to the television because the Queen, Prince Philip, Charles, Camilla, and Kate should be arriving any minute.

6:45am: Wait, pee break! Be thankful I have a DVR so I can pause live TV for one minute. Will decide not to pause because I want to experience all of it live. Will decide that I’m wasting time debating with myself, again, and why do I always have to make a thing out of nothing? Will run to the bathroom.

6:49am: Will settle on the couch under a blanket after doing three laps around the living room to burn off some of the adrenaline.

6:50am: DRESS WATCH DRESS WATCH DRESS WATCH (Meghan should be arriving any time now.)

7:00am: The wedding actually begins! Liveblogging continues until it’s over.

8:10am: Will go back to bed. Maybe.

Want to join me? Come back here to on Saturday. Feel free to leave comments as we go. I can’t wait…how about you?


  • Liz

    Hah! Yes to everything, except I won’t be worried about waking Jim up with my squee-ing 😉 Happy Royal Wedding Week!

  • Kari

    OMG this post is why I love you (and miss you), Yes to every single thing but this time, their wedding falls on Anna’s graduation day so I plan to DVR but also watch as much as I can live. I can’t wait to read your live blog this time around.:)

  • Jennifer

    I’m snort laughing while I type this next to a sleeping spouse. Thanks for painting a hysterically funny mental image of you running around your house!!! ??

  • karenmeg

    I asked my daughter if she would get up to watch with me and she said “No”. I’ll definitely be watching and coming back to “squeeeee!” With you ?