Putting Fannie May Chocolate On The To-Do List

One thing I’m known for is my habit of making lists. I don’t just make to-do lists, mind you; I make lists for everything. What to pack, what I want to read, what I need to remember to tell someone I’m talking to later on any given day. Heck, I even made grocery listing a fine art a while back when I created my own list (in Excel) of commonly purchased items in the order of the grocery store aisles, with the produce, refrigerated, and freezer sections near the end so that my food would still be cold by the time I got home.

When I’ve got a project going on? Forget it. The lists are out of control. This little ‘ole project I’ve got going on currently, Chicago’s first LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show, has taken my list-making compulsion into the stratosphere. In fact, THIS happened just last night (I’m sorry it’s a little blurry!):

truth copy

Oh yes, 54-M. Number fifty-four wasn’t even the end of the list, in fact.

What I can say is that out of all the tasks on our to-do list, three favorites of Tracey’s and mine are numbers 53-E, 53-I, and 53-O, which say, “Eat chocolate”. (Okay, technically they say “eat chocolate and drink wine”, but the chocolate always comes first. ALWAYS.)

Number fifty-three and all of its letters made up the to-do list from Sunday’s work session at Tracey’s house. I was there for seven hours and by the time I got ready to leave, I was droopy and just…done. (Only one glass of wine for me though: the droop came from mental exhaustion!)

We used 53 E, I, and O as perk-up breaks, and that’s when we enjoyed some chocolate from Fannie May, which is our Megaphone level local sponsor of LTYM. Specifically, we enjoyed their new line, which is called FM Artisan by Norman Love. And we LOVEd it.

Norman Love is a world renowned chocolatier (wouldn’t you love to be known as a world renowned chocolatier??) and the chocolates he created for this line are almost too pretty to eat. (Notice I said almost. Oh, we ate that chocolate. YUM.) I mean, look at it.

fmc FM19101x

These ultra-premium chocolates are made in small batches, and flavors include Candy Apple, Swiss Milk Truffle, Vanilla Cake, Bourbon Vanilla, and so many more. Check them out here.

Oh, and here’s Norman, with a little more information about this awesome new line.

Thanks so much to Fannie May, not only for sponsoring LTYM, but for being a company that says “CHICAGO!” to me, and for all of the Trinidads I’ve eaten over the years. Oh, those Trinidads are good. Lifetime favorite, in fact.

Must. Get. Chocolate.


  • Liz

    I coulda went on a little longer, not knowing about Trinidads, DAMMIT! Seeing as they are sponsoring LTYM (one of your babies) I will go ahead and force myself to try some. I do this for you (and Tracey) you’re welcome!

  • Toni

    Lists are the devil. They drive us crazy trying to accomplish everything on there…but at the same time, once you write something down, you release it from your brain (the stress of remembering it.)

    If it makes you feel better, I had “shower” on my list yesterday. lol