A Post-Conference Conversation

The #BBSummit12 conference is over and short of some WiFi problems on the hotel’s end, I think it went really well. I will probably do some sort of mini-recap of my favorite moments at the conference, but for now here is a recap of what happened when I went upstairs to the hotel room I was sharing with Liz in between #BBSummit12 and the after party*.

*I let myself into the room. Liz has already freshened up.*

Liz: “Hi! You’re done! Yay!” *hugs me*

Me: “I know! Yay!”

Liz: “it went well!”

Me: “You think?”

Liz: “Yes! Of course!”

*I start to get teary-eyed*

Me: “I’m very emotional right now!”

*Liz touches my arm*
“Are you okay?”

Me: “Yes, I’m fine! I’m JUST. SO. TIRED. And I have to decide about my shoes. My feet are so swollen that I’m afraid to take off my shoes from today because I don’t know if I’d get them back on for the party.”

Liz: “Just wear your flip-flops! Nobody cares!”

Me: *teary* “But I never had time to get a pedicure and my feet look bad and…”

Liz: “Really! Nobody cares! Just be comfortable!”

Me: “I don’t know. Should I? Maybe I will. But I want to look nice! And (very dramatic) I can’t make these kinds of decisions right nowwwwww!”

*Liz pats my shoulder* “Sounds like you need some quiet time. Why don’t I go on downstairs, and you just stay here and be by yourself for a while?”

Me: “Sniff sniff…okayyyyy…”


An hour later, I was whooping it up with Liz and other friends at the after party, wearing my Old Navy flip-flops. Being by myself was just what I needed to recharge. Thanks, Liz!

*Please note that this is actually the gist of the conversation rather than a 100% accurate retelling due to the level of my brain fry at that moment as well as me writing this on three and a half hours of sleep, due to a post-after party conversation with Liz that lasted until 1:59 a.m. and my inability to sleep much past 5:30 a.m.


    • Melisa

      Thanks for the heartfelt comment. I mean, zzzzzzzzzz….

      P.S. Surreal listening to you reading my post out loud to yourself just now here in the hotel room. And hilarious. zzzzzzz…

  • tracey

    Awwww…. So THAT is what that flip flop conversation was about at the party. Poor baby. Liz is a good friend, though. And the shoes were FINE.


  • Michelle

    *giggle* *giggle* *snort* I can’t wait for these sorts of conversations at BlogHer with you two. That said… I didn’t notice what shoes you wore at ALL. But now I’m totally judging you.

    Liz = awesome friend

  • Hyacynth

    That’s to be expected after you birth a hundred-plus attendee conference. You get all emotional. It’s normal post partum, right? So flip flops were totally called for.

  • MJ Tam

    Funny, I went to my room and laid down in piece for about 10 minutes after the summit. It was definitely what was needed. Hugs, sistah! I didn’t even notice you had flip-flops. Seriously. High-fivin’ you again.