Top Five: The Chevy Tahoe Edition

My family returned Sunday night from a great weekend in the Sandusky, Ohio area on Lake Erie. I’ll be writing about that over the next couple of days but one thing I totally have my thoughts together on NOW is our sweet ride. The lovely folks at Chevrolet were kind enough to loan us a 2012 Tahoe Hybrid so that our trip would be more comfortable, and boy was it! I reviewed the 2011 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid last May when we drove one down south to pick up books from my publisher and you can read that post by clicking here. As I recall, there were no major changes to the vehicle between the 2011 and 2012 models, so I thought I would tell you about my five favorite features of the Chevy Tahoe this time. In no particular order…

1. OnStar.

OnStar rocks. The end.

Each time I borrow a vehicle that is equipped with OnStar, it makes me a little more hungry to have it in my permanent vehicle. (You know, the one I drive when I’m not being spoiled by General Motors. The one that gets jealous of all the bright, shiny, newer cars. The one that I still really love, even though I sometimes get to drive bright, shiny, newer cars. The one that is, if you didn’t know already, A GENERAL MOTORS VEHICLE.) OnStar is a fantastic feature that you can use if you’re in an accident (they’ll send help), if you’re lost (they’ll give you directions), if you break down (they’ll get you a mechanic), if your car is stolen (they’ll slow it down remotely), and a bunch of other reasons. I have used OnStar mainly for directions in the past, but on this trip the feature was invaluable because we had a long drive on the Ohio Turnpike which hardly seemed to have any fast food restaurants at the exits when we were starving to death. After struggling with my cell phone’s coverage and Urbanspoon app which only seemed to find places we had already passed, it occurred to me that I could use OnStar. I called them up, asked them to tell us about some fast food options that were coming up, and within ten minutes we were shoving sandwiches and chips into our hungry faces.

2. Comfy seats.

Comfy seats. Like being hugged while you're driving/riding. No kidding.

I love a nice, substantial seat in a vehicle. The seats in the Tahoe Hybrid are big, comfortable, and feel similar to a hug. Sort of, you know? With five and a half hours of driving each way this weekend, our backs were fine, our butts were fine (now THAT’S something I’ve never blogged), and we got out of the vehicle at the end of the drive(s) without having that bodily exhaustion that comes from sitting in a vehicle all day long. For everyday, in-town drives? The seats could spoil a person.

3. Back seat control.

Back seat controls. Giving passengers a little independence...

The folks in the back seat are people too, you know…why not let them have control over their own music and their own climate? The Tahoe Hybrid isn’t big enough to warrant two zip codes, but it is certainly big enough for the back seat drivers to have their own riding environment.

4. Power outlets.

The Chevy Tahoe has lots of outlets so your stuff can charge, play, or whatever!

The Tahoe Hybrid comes with plenty of places to plug in, whether you’re charging up or just listening to your iPod through the stereo system. With four of us in the car (including two heavy picture takers/tweeters), it was great to still have phones that were 100% charged when we arrived at our final destination. (on the drive, that is.)

5. Rear view camera.

The Rear View Camera system makes it easy to go in reverse, even in a mid-sized suv!

Backing up has never been easier for me. I adore the rear view camera in the Tahoe. It’s got guidelines that move and flex as you turn the wheel, so you can see what’s in your path no matter if you’re backing up straight or on a curve. This is possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread.

So there you have it: my five favorite features (<----accidental alliteration!) (<----I did it again!) of the 2012 Chevy Tahoe. Thanks once again to my friends at Chevrolet for allowing my family to ride to Ohio in comfort! Disclosure: As I mentioned (twice), I was given the use of the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for the purpose of taking it on a family road trip. I was not asked or expected to write about it at all.


  • Connie Burke

    Scrawlsie, only you could drive the same vehicle twice and find new, uniquely-you things to review. Well done. Glad the whole fam enjoyed. The Tahoe is my aspirational vehicle. It’s always felt solid as a rock, even in Michigan winters. I really enjoy seeing the fine details through your eyes. It’s why we love to keep working with you: your reviews always uncover something that would make our interior design team say, “Yeah, I MEANT to do that…!”
    We find your flattery in your five favorite features forever fabulous (BOOM!).
    Thanks, as always, for a job well done.

    • Melisa

      You WIN at alliteration, Connie Burke. 🙂
      But I’m still going to be up at night, trying to top that. Don’t hold your breath: I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. 🙂