The One That Isn’t About Katie Cazorla But Leads To The One That Is.

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Katie Cazorla on Wednesday. Katie is the owner of a Los Angeles nail salon called The Painted Nail and the star of TV Guide Network’s reality show “Nail Files”. She is also hilarious.

You know I don’t normally write a feeder post on my home page that leads you to a post on my sponsored posts page unless it’s something I absolutely know you should not miss. As in, your life might not feel complete unless you experience this piece of writing from me.

(Not that my interview post is sponsored technically because I was not compensated in any way for writing it or for conducting the interview…but since I’m helping to promote the new season of “Nail Files”, well, it belongs on that page.)

Anyway, go read it, please. You’ll love it.

And then, have yourself a happy little Friday.