Going For The Record

Today is the day we move D back into the dorm for another year at college.

Don’t you feel OLD? He’s a junior this year! (I know. Crazy.)

Last year’s drop off was surprisingly short: less than 45 minutes. Jim and I acted like we were mildly offended (but really weren’t) when D asked us to refrain from helping him set his room up; he just wanted drop-off service. We were shocked at how quickly we were back home.

This year? We’re going for the record. Jim and I both have things to do when we get home and so we figured maybe we’d be able to shave ten minutes off of last year’s time.

That is, until D said, “Oh! I want to show you the new Caf!” (that’s short for cafeteria, which was renovated over the summer: he checked it out on Saturday when he brought a load of stuff to campus.)

Naturally I’m excited to see the cafeteria. I love that his school is making great improvements (even though I thought everything was fabulous before) in the quality of student life.

Is it weird that I tried to mentally calculate what else we could cut from the drop-off process to compensate for the cafeteria tour?

Don’t answer that.

Note: Lest you think I am a cold, mean, mom for not wanting to squeeze out more time with him before leaving, it’s not at all like we won’t see him for an indefinite amount of time: he’s coming back home this Saturday to see his visiting grandparents.