We See The Finish Line!

Even though we had planned on renovating our master bathroom at some point this year, we ended up starting in July because the pipes behind our tub suddenly sprang a leak that dripped into the downstairs bathroom. Nothing like a kick in the pants administered by old plumbing.

After getting the tub replaced by a professional, we put the rest of the room on hold for a while due to a busy summer, and then we got back into gear at the beginning of October. I have been to Home Depot more times in the last six weeks than I can count, and Jim and I don’t take free time for granted much these days because it seems like we’re always, uh, in the bathroom. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen much of our progress. (HINT, HINT. If not, follow me!)

Things have been progressing well, though. I’m happy to report that we are nearly done. It’s becoming clear that this is not an endless project after all (hurray!) and we will arrive at the finish line by next weekend. Only small tasks are left on the list, just details.

The last thing we did today was install the cabinet knobs and pulls. It honestly took my breath away for a moment, especially when I remembered how icky the old cabinets were.


Here’s what we have left:
~Pick up pictures from custom framer on Tues/Wed and hang them
~Seal the floor
~Hang towel ring
~Patch hole in the wall left by the electrician when he moved our outlet
~Paint touch-ups
~Attach the backsplash to the countertop
~Remove the new toilet valve and replace with a different new toilet valve

THAT IS ALL. Crazy, right?

Reveal day coming soon!