Doggone It!

See this?


It’s a little bit of rigged-up fencing to keep Roxie from going upstairs, a little too late.

As it turns out, she’s in one of her “moods” today, meaning that for the first two hours (or so) of my work day she was doing everything she could to get my attention. Usually she just sits on the floor in front of me, staring me down.


Every now and then while she stares she’ll let a little whisper of a “woof” come out of her mouth. When I am ignoring her especially well she sometimes comes over to me and pushes on me with her paw.

When that doesn’t get results, she’ll do one of two things:
1. Give up and lay down next to me. (yay!)
2. Go cause trouble in other parts of the house. (boooooo.)

Today was one of those days. She was upstairs, getting into the bathroom trash while I was on a call. When I got off the phone I went up to see what she had done and had the “pleasure” of cleaning up Q-tips, tissues, and other treasures that had previously been in the trashcan but were now on the floor.

Since Roxie was feeling especially needy today, she even tried to pull the stuff out of the trashcan a second time, while I was cleaning it up.

That’s why I set up those stools near the stairs. So annoying.

I don’t have time to get her out for some good exercise today, so in order to stay sane I’m going to have to keep reminding myself how cute she was as a puppy. It’s better for both of us that way.



  • Liz

    As our Doofus-Dawg was coming in from the backyard, he casually walked over to the ottoman, snatched my son’s blueberry muffin, swallowed it and continued walking as if to say, “You didn’t see aaaaaaanything”. Going to look for a pic of Doofus-Dawg, RIGHT NOW!

  • Mom24@4evermom

    I can laugh, it’s not my dog. 🙂

    My dog likes to nap. A lot. All day even, and that’s fine with me. Our cat though? She’s all over the Q-tips from the trash. Best. thing. ever. Don’t ask me why.

    Thanks for being my friend.

  • Shannon

    Oh, you know you love her. When my dog doesn’t think I’m paying enough attention to her, she actually tries to speak. Not bark, but actually talk. It was cute at first, but…

  • Grandma W

    That is our devil Granddog!! Well the time you spent cleaning up after, maybe you could have taken her around the block. Can you hide the garbage under in one of the new cabinets in the bathroom? Like you have in the kitchen?

    Grandma W

  • Patty

    Max gets this way too now when I’m at my mom’s house though he’ll jsut come over to the couch and try to lay on top of my laptop or iPad. He wants attention and he’s going to get it! Dogs are funny!

  • Mrs4444

    Omigoodness–Her ears! So cute 🙂 I’m thrilled to say that I bought a treadmill from my niece. It arrived today, and Steve likes it a LOT. (Well, he likes he treats he gets while on it, but that’s a start!) A tired dog is a good dog! Now to figure out how to Milo to like it…