My Friends + Laughter = Me + Thankful

I had a couple of ideas for this, the penultimate NaBloPoMo post for 2012.

I thought I might write about how I used to sew clothing (easy patterns, but still) for the boys when they were little and how a matching pair of shorts led to one of my favorite pictures of them from way back when.

Then I thought that I would post a couple of black and white pictures I took of the boys over Thanksgiving weekend. (I love black and white pictures, don’t you?)

I also considered sharing (finally) one of the buildings I toured during Open House Chicago, since I never got past talking about Marina City.

I could have written about how I always like participating in NaBloPoMo EXCEPT for the fact that my posts are shorter and many of them are “throwaways”, rather than pieces I’ve worked hard on due to the lack of time. (It’s hard posting every day for thirty days straight, yo!)

In the end I decided to tell you how thankful I am for my friends and laughter.


The end.


I have always known lots of people, due to my *slightly* outgoing personality and the fact that I was very involved in the boys’ elementary school and extracurricular activities and worked at health clubs and salons (jobs which exposed me to lots of people!). Knowing lots of people doesn’t necessarily translate into having lots of friends, though.

Something changed back in 2007 when I started blogging. I am SO lucky to have made some really good friends through this goofy hobby that turned into so much more. What’s been great is that I met many of them online first, which is something that would have made me sound really weird (and possibly pitiful) just five or six years ago. These days most people don’t even blink when I tell them that I met so-and-so online.

I have lots of friends here in the Chicago area as well as outside of Illinois. Technology affords me the ability to text them, email them, Google+ Hangout with them, Skype them, Facetime them, Facebook message them, G-chat them, and tweet them.

But sometimes (okay, lots of times) I like to kick it old school and actually use the phone in the way it was intended.

I did that quite a bit today.

Coincidentally, I laughed quite a bit today, too.

My friends = funny.

Today I was crying with laughter.
I was jumping up and down with laughter.
I was sweating from laughter.


Sharing a joke or a funny story between friends: there’s nothing like it, especially when it comes to laughing with my closest friends. The shared history and the ability to finish each other’s sentences takes a funny conversation to a whole OTHER level, but it doesn’t even take that much to get us going on the path to hysteria. Just when I think the part of my brain that holds memories is filled to the rim with snippets of laughter-infused, tear-wiping conversations and adventures, another one happens and I find that I can shove it in there with the rest of them, to keep forever.

Better yet, my friends are going to cause me to live longer, due to the fantastic health benefits of laughter.

That’s a good thing, too: it means more time with them.


  • TheNextMartha

    Laughing is good. Real good. Thanks for being someone I can be high on caffeine with and not RUNNING away. Of course, I DO own the cotton candy machine to lure you back with. Mwahaha. ahha. ha. haaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Momo Fali

    I’m so glad you said, “Whole other” because if you said the other thing, we couldn’t be friends anymore.

    And, I would really miss the laughs. IN HELL.