Happy New Zzzzz…..

If you were to ask me if I could sum up 2012 in a word, I would probably say “no” at first, and then come up with lots of single descriptors that I would state loudly with appropriate pauses in between until you say, “That’s not just one word” and then I would say, “I know, but I just can’t describe this year in one word.”


But then if you made me pick one, I’d probably say “exhausting”. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this about me, but I live my life at full throttle about 95% of the time, which is a blessing and a curse. In 2012 I started working on taking opportunities here and there to slow down, and although I still have work to do in that area, I find myself feeling a little more “zen” about certain things. My workout routine at The Dailey Method has provided some great breathing time seven days a week, not to mention laughing time with my new friends there, who I adore. (*note to self: time to do another Dailey Method update*)

Even though I took “me time” more regularly this year than I have in years, I’m also busier than I’ve been in years. It’s all good, though. 2012 was a really, really good year for me. I feel a little guilty about that because I know so many people who went through the wringer this year, but I am sending those folks all of the good vibes I can for 2013 and I’m keeping everything crossed that the new year is good to EVERYBODY. (and that we all get lots more sleep.)

So tell me, how would YOU describe your 2012?

I hope you that 2013 brings you health, happiness, prosperity, love, and peace. ALL of you.


    • Melisa

      Thanks! 🙂 Got 20 minutes, but I think the card games tonight will help to keep things exciting enough to stay awake. I’ll tighten my tiaras, too. 🙂

  • Liz

    For us, 2012 was like riding a roller coaster. Then again, most years are (raising teens) and, well, I’m just THRILLED whenever I don’t puke 🙂 Here’s to a puke-free 2013, my friend!!!

  • Ally Bean

    Not to sound like Debbie Downer here, but 2012 was a lousy year for me. People disappointed me. Politics irritated me. Stupid stalked me. And I dropped an ottoman on my toe. All-in-all I’ve had better years.

    That being said, Happy New Year Melisa! Let’s make 2013 a wonderful year, shall we?

    • Melisa

      You’re not the only one, Ally Bean! I’m sorry it was a less-than-stellar year. And yes, let’s make 2013 awesome! (and stay away from airborne “ottomen”!)

  • Shannon

    The 2012 year was relatively calm for me. I’m not complaining about calm, but maybe it was a little too safe. I’m going to work on taking more risks in 2013, putting myself out there a little more. I’m not quite sure how or in what way but I don’t want to fall into the “playing it safe” rut.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!