Dailey Method Definitely Daily.

It’s been a little more than six months since I started working out at The Dailey Method and figured that a January update would be a good idea.

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I have been taking classes seven days per week for a while now (WOW, I KNOW!!!) and I can’t emphasize enough that The Dailey Method is not something one masters: it’s a practice. Some days I feel on top of the world and get through the class feeling very successful, and some days…I don’t. Luckily I have more successful-feeling days than not, and usually those days coincide with a good attitude going in.

When I started back in June, I was taking “Principles” classes each time. That’s the class that goes over each exercise in detail and has a lot of focus on form. It’s recommended for beginners AND for old-timers on a now-and-then basis, as a refresher due to its slower pace.

Gradually I began adding “Mixed” classes in place of “Principles”. “Mixed” classes have faster cueing and more options given that add some movement and provide a greater challenge. Before I knew it, I was taking Mixed classes almost all of the time, with the occasional “Principles” class thrown in for good measure.

There is an advanced-level class called “Dailey Deeper” which I was terrified to try back in June. And July. And August. And September. And October.

But something funny happened at the beginning of November: I signed up for a Deeper class. I took the class, and I didn’t die. In fact, I found myself feeling really good about how far I had come. I have rolled a Deeper class or two into my schedule every week!

I still can’t do every single move in any of the classes no matter what the level–remember how I said that the Dailey Method is not something one masters?–but I have learned how to modify certain things so they work for me, when I need to. On the days when I feel unsuccessful, I keep in mind how much strength I’ve gained in the last six months and continue to try and challenge myself so I keep moving forward. It’s not as easy to feel like I’ve progressed as far as I have because I do the workout every day, so I have to make special efforts to think about my journey as a whole.

Other important things to note:
~When I have to take a day off due to other obligations (like last month’s Coca-Cola workshop in the city), my body can really feel the lack of stretching, and I miss it.
~Though the holidays put a dent in my weight loss success, I’m pretty sure I’m down about ten-ish pounds since June.
~I am so grateful for the friends I have made at the Dailey Method. We got together twice over the holidays and I look forward to more socializing in the new year. Being around these people makes me smile.
~I am happier every day because of this workout routine.

So, that’s the six-month update!

If you live near a Dailey Method studio, I encourage you to try it out. If not, they happen to have a new DVD (it even made Self magazine!) that you can get, for a home workout!

The I-Don’t-Really-Need-A-Disclosure-For-This-Post Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. Just a PSA!


  • michelle waranoski

    You make us happy every time we see you…in or out of class. Thank you for being such an avid cheerleader for us and everyone who works with us. We all smile a little bigger since you joined us!
    Big hugs!!!