It’s Bathroom Reveal Day!


Our DIY bathroom renovation has been officially complete for about two weeks now since we hung the curtains my mom made for us (the final element!) (thanks, Mom!), but every time I have thought about taking pictures, I wasn’t anywhere near the house.

Jim and I are so very happy to be finished with this, the largest DIY project we’ve ever tackled. We did every ounce of work in the room with the exception of the new tub installation; we left that part to our plumber. After hours and hours (and hours) of work and in just a few short months that seemed like forever, this room went from being my most-hated-for-twelve-years-since-we-moved-in to one of my favorites. Okay, currently it IS my favorite.

Let me rewind for a second and show you the “before”:

Bathroom = Stuck in 1969

Blech, right? Whoever thought “salmon” was a good bathroom color should be severely punished.

Anyway, you can read all about how we started (in thirty easy steps!) here.

What I love about the new bathroom–besides EVERYTHING–is the group of decor items we put in there. We started with framing our two favorite pictures from our family trip to Germany in 2010. The things on the countertop weren’t purchased for this room: I pulled them from other areas of the house. There is a glass and iron candle holder that I purchased years and years ago at Pottery Barn which was in the living room: I just bought a green candle to match the bathroom, put it near my sink and suddenly it has new life. For Jim’s side, I grabbed a vase that we fell in love with at Z Gallerie (years and years ago) that had been in a corner on the family room floor: nobody ever noticed it. As it turns out, it’s actually perfect for the bathroom in line and color.

Lastly, and this was Jim’s brilliance, our “new” bathroom glasses are from Spain: Jim bought them literally twenty-five years ago when his Navy ship stopped in Barcelona. They are tall, thin glasses decorated with bullfighting posters and came in a set of six. These glasses have literally been in the back of our kitchen cabinet ever since, and I’m not even sure we used any of them more than once or twice. Now, in the new bathroom? They are perfect. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to spend money to decorate a room: you might have the perfect items already!

So now, without further ado, our new bathroom. Sigh.

Bathroom renovation finally complete!

This countertop weighs about 250 pounds and is not going anywhere.

We doubled the available storage with our new cabinets.

Traded in old, icky shower doors for a lovely curtain.

It stays this clean most of the time, even!

Pulling decor elements from other areas in the house was a WIN.

Favorite picture from our family trip to Germany in 2010 (Rothenburg o.d. Tauber)