I Will Do Anything For Health, But I Won’t Do That

My sister has had a raging cold for about three weeks now. She’s been coughing her poor head off, and generally feeling icky, though this week she definitely shows solid signs of being on the mend.

Jim got it last weekend. The speed with which he was slammed with the cold and accompanying cough was staggering. Saturday he was fine. Saturday night he felt ill. Sunday he declared that he had never felt that bad in his life. Monday he went to the doctor and was given antibiotics and a warning that if he didn’t feel better by Wednesday, he should come back so they could look for pneumonia.

I get bronchitis very easily and once it makes an appearance I’ve got it for weeks, so the fact that it recently moved into my house made me a little nervous. I started taking friends’ recommendations regarding preventative measures:

Trying to get more sleep: check.
Drinking more water: check. (Was already doing that.)
Taking Mucinex to keep from getting overly congested: check.
Drinking a bottle of fruit that contains 1000% of my daily Vitamin C requirement: check.

There’s one suggestion that I have vehemently rejected. Momo swears by apple cider vinegar. She uses it regularly and told me that I should gargle with it and then swallow it.


I rebelled against that suggestion immediately, and told her there was no WAY I was going to do that. And, eew.

The thing is, she keeps bringing it up. Also, she knows I’m a thinker, darn her.

I’m pretty sure she has tried to order me to use apple cider vinegar every single day this week, and every time she brings it up I make a huge scene about how I won’t do that.

But what if all of these other things I’m doing don’t work?

So I’m thinking about it.

I just can’t decide which is the lesser of two evils: trying the apple cider vinegar and not finding success with it, or putting myself through vinegar treatments, not getting sick, and then having to deal with Momo’s “I told you so,” which really wouldn’t be too bad because I happen to adore her.

I guess this requires more thought.


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