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    I Nearly Nailed @MomoFali In The Eye With A Gummy Bear Last Night.

    Honestly. It was close. More on that in a bit. The 2015 BlogHer Food conference is in the books, and it was awesome. I loved that it was in my hometown for many reasons, not the least of which was that a bunch of my local friends (some food bloggers, some not) were in attendance. Working a conference on my birthday when work doesn’t seem like work AND I’m surrounded by so many people I love wasn’t too shabby of a gig, I have to say. My friend Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus, who I’ve known online since 2008-ish but with whom I’ve never spent more than a minute or two…

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    Exercising My Free Birthday Pass

    I was out/up late last night and so I’m using a “Get out of Jail Free” card (figuratively! FIGURATIVELY!) for NaBloPoMo today. Yesterday was great, working the conference and seeing more friends than I typically do on my birthday, and then Momo flew in after dinner (and boy, are her arms tired ba dum bum!) so all in all it was a very good day. Now we’re hitting the ground running for the second day of BlogHer Food 15 and, well, the end. Happy Saturday!

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    Friends First.

    Momo and I met online seven years ago, at some point in 2008. (In Internet time that’s virtually 575 years ago.) We met in real life in June of 2009, when I helped bring a van full of meat to her house. (The Momo’s Meat Wagon story is here.) We’ve been close friends ever since. I became her contractor at BlogHer three years ago, and for every day of those three years I have been one half of a total Dream Team. I don’t think every pair of friends could have a successful work relationship, but we do. We have worked together seamlessly, with excellent communication and just the right…

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    I’m in Austin, Texas for the BlogHer Food Conference (Howdy!). It’s my first conference as someone behind-the-scenes, so I’m pretty excited about it. Also, I’m speaking on a panel along with Momo (BlogHer’s Social Media Manager) and Denise Tanton (Blogher Community Manager). The panel is called “For Good Measure: Search and Social Tracking and Measurements” and THIS IS BY FAR THE GEEKIEST THING I HAVE EVER OFFICIALLY DONE. Anyway, Momo flew from Columbus to Chicago yesterday so we could fly here together. I arrived at the airport in time to check my bag, get through security, and find her gate so I could greet her. Remember the good old days…

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    I Will Do Anything For Health, But I Won’t Do That

    My sister has had a raging cold for about three weeks now. She’s been coughing her poor head off, and generally feeling icky, though this week she definitely shows solid signs of being on the mend. Jim got it last weekend. The speed with which he was slammed with the cold and accompanying cough was staggering. Saturday he was fine. Saturday night he felt ill. Sunday he declared that he had never felt that bad in his life. Monday he went to the doctor and was given antibiotics and a warning that if he didn’t feel better by Wednesday, he should come back so they could look for pneumonia. I…