Moms Who Drink And Swear

I enjoy supporting other bloggers whenever I can. If I know them personally, bonus. One of my blogger friends is going through a very exciting time at the moment: she’s in the throes of releasing her first book.

I especially like supporting other bloggers who publish books, because as an author myself I know how difficult the marketing part is. Most people out there think that the work is done once the book is written, when actually that’s the easy part. Holding a copy of your book for the first time is much like being handed a baby right after you give birth (go with me here): you look at it lovingly, kiss it a few times (yes, I did, with my babies AND my books), and then you have a mini panic attack because you realize that your work has just begun.

Anyway, my friend Nikki just birthed her first book, and I’m thrilled for her. You might know Nikki as the blogger behind “Moms Who Drink and Swear”, which coincidentally AND smartly, is the title of her new book.

Nikki is not just your average blogger. The community she has developed is active and amazing. She has 258,500 Facebook followers (OMG.) and when her page was hacked two weeks before her book launch began, she started a new Facebook page and had something like 21,000 followers back in two days. (Facebook granted her access to her old page again a day or so later, and all is right with the world.) THAT, my friends, speaks volumes about her community.

What I know from spending time with Nikki personally is that the brash, drinking, swearing character she puts out there IS her (oh yes, it is). But that’s only half of her story. I have spent quiet time with her and have gotten to know her as a sweet, caring, thoughtful, generous person who puts a lot of good out there. Those are my favorite kinds of people. Those are the ones I love putting myself out there for.

I have not yet read Nikki’s book, because I just bought it (with my own money and no, this post is not sponsored) last night at her booksigning in Naperville. I’ve read her blog, though, and I know her book is going to be just as funny. I can’t wait to read it: I told her I would get to it probably on May 6, after that little thing I have going on May 5. I hope you will buy her book, too!

Best of luck on the book, Nikki…even though you don’t need it. Seeing your community come out to support you at the signing last night was inspiring, and I’m so proud of you. Continued success!!!

Moms Who Drink And Swear