Chicago River Bridgehouses: I’m Obsessed.

I once wrote about how I’m a *wee* bit obsessed with taking pictures of doors and windows. That is still a very active obsession.

Another one? The Chicago River bridgehouses. Each pair is different, and I once learned that each pair typically has features that echo the features (or style) of one of the buildings in the close vicinity. It’s for that reason that I take tons of pictures of these bridgehouses, and am constantly craning my neck to match them up to their companion building. Some are easy; some aren’t.

Chicago River BridgeHouses 1

Chicago River Bridgehouses 2

Where am I, most of the time, when I’m trying to figure it out? Click here to find out.


  • Michelle

    so ummm apparently I need to show you my photos from my trip to Italy. That pretty much consist of doors and windows. Just sayin’

    And my photos from the Shoreline Tour? Uhhhh lotsa boathouses. And bridges. So hey, you might not like me anymore 😉 but apparently I still am your twin on some level.