We’ll Be Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts…Soon.

Probably tomorrow, in fact.

Today though, I feel the need to bump the Skydeck Chicago post down since it was a lead-in to a giveaway that is now over (Congrats, Shannon!), yet I don’t feel like writing much of anything. I am in the middle of my pre-empty nester mini-crisis which involves quite possibly the most manic behavior I’ve ever personally experienced.

Full disclosure: I’ve been on the verge of tears since last Wednesday or so and did the ugly cry off and on all day Thursday and Friday. Yesterday and today were better. While I’m emotional (understatement), I can totally function in public like usual because that’s how I roll, I guess. Poor Jim.

Anyway, YES, I know this will all be fine. This is temporary and part of the transition. Knowing that does not make it go away, and it doesn’t help me come up with anything spectacular for the ole’ blog.

So for now, enjoy this picture of Roxie as a puppy. Cute, right?

Roxie puppy