Odds and Ends

I just have a bunch of bits and pieces (odds and ends, whatever) that I wanted to get out there because I’ve been all over the place this week, so I decided to post a “Brain Dump” (as my sistuh-from-anuthuh-mutha calls it) today. This could also technically be a Friday Fragments post (as Mrs. 4444 has done for years every Friday), but I’m not linking up over there because I don’t have the time to go read the posts by all of the other participants and I don’t want to be unfair. (But YOU could! Go! Do it!)

So anyway, here we go.

Yesterday’s post, a note to the Zumba newbie that came to my class on Wednesday night, was read by approximately 6.3 people so I decided to link it here in case you missed it and you’re interested.

I don’t do politics here, but I think most of us would agree that no matter where you stand, the government shutdown is frustrating, annoying, and lots of other “ings”. My friend Tabatha inspired me on Tuesday with her Facebook status:

“Whatever your politics, there are young mothers who, starting today, will struggle to feed their babies and themselves due to the shutdown. Please consider donating formula, baby food, and other non-perishables to your local food pantry or women’s shelter, or even your children’s schools (the staff will know the families in need). If our elected officials won’t do their jobs, the least we can do is try to take care of each other.”

I ended up going to the store to buy some baby formula, rice cereal, and assorted baby veggies to donate to the food pantry in my town. By the time I got home, Tabatha had written a great post about “being the good”. Read it here and if you are so inspired and you’re in a position to be able to help others, please consider doing so. (Spoiler alert: it feels really good to help others.)

I finally posted something on my Tumblr that was clever enough to get multiple reactions from total strangers, so Yay Me!

My two favorite new television shows are “Brooklyn Nine Nine” (Andy Samberg) and “The Crazy Ones” (Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar), so if you’re looking for something new, try those.

I posted two reviews over on my ad-free page this week. One was on Healthy Choice 100% Natural Cafe Steamers, and the other was on the amazeballs experience I had at The Peninsula Spa in Chicago.

The biggest news of the week was something I’ve known for a while now but it was finally time to shout it on Wednesday: I will be working with LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER’S National Team as the New Cities Mentor. I will be coaching the newbie directors and producers through the entire process of putting on their first shows, and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course, Tracey and I will still be producing our Chicago show (our third year!), so it’s going to be a very full, very fun 2014 season. The love fest that ensued after Ann posted the announcement still has me smiling; I am humbled by the kind words that popped up on my computer screen, on my phone, and in my email. You people really know how to make a girl feel special. Thank you.

Last night I went to help my sister pick out a new tv stand at IKEA and then we went back to her apartment where I made a terrible discovery:

Getting old sucks.

Lastly, my Friday morning grin was provided by my sistuh-from-anuthuh-mutha (Two! Two! Two totally unrelated mentions in one post!) when she texted me this picture of her newly-organized work area, which will give you a hint about my next out-of-town adventure.

38 days!

Wow, I’m exhausted. How about you?
Have a great weekend, everybody!