Be Careful What You Wish For

I have a reputation for being organized (or at least making it look like I am!). I have a reputation for going above and beyond, and I have a reputation for being overly busy. I have a reputation for getting things done.

Bear in mind I’m not typing those words with any bit of ego: if you know me, you get it.

Every now and then someone will say to me (either verbally or via internet) something along the lines of “I wish I could be like you.” It happened again today, thanks to my dear, sweet friend from north of the border (The Illinois/Wisconsin border, that is). She typed it in response to this Facebook status I wrote:

“Just unlocked the Queen of Multitasking achievement. This is what is happening RIGHT NOW:
1. Coloring my hair
2. Nine of my fingers are wrapped in pure acetone cotton balls and foil to soak off my Shellac nail polish
3. Using my remaining finger to tap out stuff on my iPad
4. Listening to Pitbull so of course…
5. Dancing”

So my friend commented, and I responded in the same way I always do when I get a well-meaning compliment like that:

“Trust me, you don’t want to be like me.”

I believe that to be true; the reason I always say that is because there are a whole lot of downsides to being “like me”.

What you may see is a person who:
~looks organized
~cares deeply about producing quality work
~is extremely creative and can usually come up with an idea in a pinch
~can multitask like a boss
~occasionally makes it all look easy

What you don’t see is:
~the worried and tense look that I often wear on my face
~the heartache and anxiety I experience when I make mistakes along the way due to super-high expectations of myself
~occasional tear-filled eyes when I take on too much and feel like I’m drowning
~how hard it is for me to truly relax and/or turn off my brain, let alone sleep.

(Poor Jim, by the way, DOES get to see–and deal with–all of that. He’s a saint, without a doubt.)

All of this runs in the family. Although I can’t speak for them regarding the symptoms on the second list, my sister and our mom are also very highly regarded for the same “Go Big Or Go Home/Creative/Perfectionist/Making It Look Easy” characteristics I am. We care so much about everything we do, and believe me, it’s a blessing AND a curse.

Of course, because I’m a “Go Big Or Go Home/Creative/Perfectionist/Making It Look Easy/POLLYANNA“-type, I wouldn’t want to be any other way about 95% of the time.

I’m just saying that you shouldn’t want to be like me.

You should be happy being yourself, because you’re great just the way you are.

Edited 15 minutes after hitting “publish”: Oh geez, technically my friend made the comment that inspired this post on an earlier status today that was about how much I have to do but I always know I’ll get it done. But she DID comment on the above status, too, and OHMYGOSH DO YOU SEE THE AGONY I EXPERIENCE WHEN I MAKE ERRORS??? UGH.


  • Adriana Zoder

    I can relate, I can relate, I can relate, I can relate, I can relate and I can relate. Oh, wait, did I tell you that I can relate? I feel every word. And I can relate to every word. 🙂 I don’t wish to be you because I am exactly like you… Ha! 🙂

  • Jim

    Its not really Pitbull anyway, he just puts his name on stuff that other people sing for him. I admire his ability to get people to agree to that.

  • Sylvia Joy

    Well, today was my day off from work and the first thing Dad asked is what did I want to do? Well I had to get gas in my car, go to 2 grocery stores, and start trimming the bushes outside and if I could spread one bag of mulch plus one other project. That would be great. Oh, I had to also reconcile my checking account from last month. And I did it all. So that was my day and Dad just looked at me like what else was new— I just can’t sit still.
    So it is all in the family.
    Grandma W

  • Brandie

    I hear you. I get easily frustrated/upset when I think I’m letting someone down or not giving enough. I’ve had to learn to back off and say no at times, or ask for more time, because it’s not good for me or my family when I melt down.

    I also agree that we should be happy being who we are. We are all full of awesome strengths (and maybe less than awesome weaknesses). At the end of the day, everyone I know is awesome in their own way. And it would suck if we were all alike. I like all my friends for being exactly who they were meant to be! 😉