Thanks for calling.

Melisa is not here at the moment; she’s busy dealing with the remnants of a day that started out wonderfully with a Dailey Method workout and a LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER webinar and slowly disintegrated into a seemingly endless grocery shopping trip during which she spent a king’s ransom to restock her pantry and refrigerator with food for the coming week plus Thanksgiving. Her eventual release from the checkout, after feeling judged by her fellow shoppers for how much she had in her cart, resulted in a longer-than-usual drive home due to construction and then an eventful transfer of groceries from the car to the kitchen, during which the following happened:

**Two paper grocery bags ripped, sending everything all over the floor,

**She nearly knocked herself out after hitting her head on Jim’s bike, the same one that’s been hanging from the garage ceiling in the same place for ten years,

**She tripped and almost fell down the basement steps on the way to the freezer, and finally,

**She broke two nails.

She is currently putting groceries away and enjoying the fact that she visited the liquor store before going grocery shopping, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Melisa will be refreshed, less annoyed, and happy to return to her regular blogging schedule tomorrow.

Please enjoy this awesome picture that was taken at an arcade in Seaside Heights, New Jersey last Thursday and then leave a comment with your name and a brief message. Melisa will get back to you as soon as possible.