Truly Thankful.

After all of the grumbling I’ve done about getting the Hanukkah decorations up and how I just couldn’t manage to get it done in a timely manner—and before the holiday actually started, even—because a whole chain of events had to take place first, like dusting and vacuuming, getting my work done, blogging, laundry, coloring my hair, grocery shopping, and procrastinating in every other way possible, I had a revelation.

Granted, I didn’t see the light until we were in the midst of placing each of the menorahs of our family collection in their own special places around the house, but I saw it.

Jim had driven to Wisconsin to retrieve J from the dorm and they were home by dinner time, so the four of us ate dinner together—at the table, which is something Jim and I don’t do as much anymore since we became empty nesters—and then opened up the two huge containers of Hanukkah decorations.

While we were unpacking everything and figuring out where it should go, D was testing out an old style Bluetooth ear piece because J told him it only worked with a computer and not a phone. He paired it with his cell phone and called the home phone, which J promptly answered and hung up before D could say anything. Two times.

D called my cell phone, which happened to be on the side table closest to J, and J answered and hung up immediately. This went on for a couple of minutes as we all laughed like crazy; J wasn’t going to let D have this victory—typically it’s the other way around, which made it even funnier—and I loved just watching it all unfold. WOW, I HAVE MISSED THAT. It made my house, and my heart, feel very full.

I posted on Facebook later that I believe I was meant to wait until the boys were both home to decorate for Hanukkah because it was way more fun, and whether that’s true in some way or it’s just another way I can, deep down, rationalize my holiday laziness and lack of energy when it comes to related tasks, it’s how I truly felt in that moment. I am so truly thankful for these two.

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