Always, Ham.

Naturally because I put it out into the universe that I was going to carry my camera around and take a bunch of pictures this weekend so I could pick one for our holiday cards, I didn’t. (I was busy cooking and forgot!!)

Luckily, because I’m always thinking, it occurred to me this morning that today might be the only opportunity we have left to return to the marina in Kenosha with both boys—because we were driving them both back up to their respective schools on the same day, in the same car—and have them re-enact one of my favorite pictures that has been framed and on a shelf in my bedroom for fifteen years. It would be awesome for a holiday card.

So that’s what we did. And we laughed, SO HARD. Watching them try to maneuver themselves into the same positions on the same rocks they sat on when they were six and three was absolutely hysterical. (I’ll post the old and the new picture after my holiday cards go out!)

We spent some time taking other fun shots before leaving, and got some great ones. I am so happy that both of them have always felt so comfortable hamming it up in front of a camera (credit to my sister, who has always taken tons of shots of them at every age!) and that they don’t need any type of bribery or sweet talk to show their true selves.

Because really, you can never have too many pictures that look like this:

D & J December 2013