Grand Theft Auto

See this guy?

Mocha Dad

That’s my friend Fred, otherwise known all over the internet as Mocha Dad. (Totally famous, you guys.)

Mocha Dad and I go way back. Well, in internet years, anyway. Even though he lives in Texas, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with him on multiple occasions: at a couple of conferences, over breakfast when he was in Chicago for business a while back, and most recently, last month in Detroit at an immersion event with OnStar and a bunch of other awesome bloggers.

While in Detroit, Mocha Dad and I did the following things:

1. Spent more time than the average driver/passenger combo in one of downtown Detroit’s roundabouts. (We neglected to follow the OnStar directions exactly and got turned in circles, but never stopped laughing.)
2. Participated in an “Amazing Race-style” scavenger hunt (We were on different teams. I recall laughing at each other from afar).
3. Explored the vintage and concept cars at the GM Heritage Center, which is only open to the public by invitation.

GM Heritage Center

4. Got stuck in horrible construction/Friday rush hour traffic together on the way back to the hotel conference room where we were scheduled to participate in an OnStar Twitter chat. Oops. (Still laughed.)
5. Enjoyed a late evening of incredible jazz music and great company at famous Detroit club Cliff Bell’s. (Lots of laughing.)
6. Did I mention we laughed, a lot?
7. Oh, and…stole a car. Even THAT was funny! Click here to read more about that and the rest of my visit to OnStar!

(Also…you’re welcome, Fred, for making it possible for people to finally, successfully search “Mocha Dad Grand Theft Auto”.)


  • Christina

    Grand Theft Auto? Well now I MUST go read that post!

    Sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Hopefully not too much fun, in the brand-rep-throwing-shade-at-you type of fun.

  • Liz

    OMG!!! Sounds like a fantastic trip, not only because you and Mocha Dad were there (okay, mostly!) but because I am a GM-fangirl from way back (my first car was a well-loved ’74 Chevy Malibu) and have heard so many great things about OnStar…mostly from you 🙂