Musings From The Road

Hello from Momo‘s house in Columbus, Ohio!

I was on the road for six hours yesterday: it was heavenly. I am borrowing a Buick Regal (review to come next week) which is equipped with XM Radio, and my five favorite stations—80’s on 8, 90’s on 9, Pop2K, KIIS-Los Angeles, and Z100/NY—kept me singing at the top of my lungs for the duration and made the trip fly by.

Unfortunately for the blogger in me, I do some of my best thinking in the car (and in the shower, but that’s another post) when I can’t write anything down. That’s why I made a stop at the halfway point, so I could make a few notes. Oh, and use the restroom, buy a snack, and gas up the car.

Here are just a few of the thoughts that went through my mind on the trip. (Don’t get too excited.)

When Cheap Trick’s “The Flame” came on the radio:
“I love this song. I’m so glad that I heard it on December 29, 1988 and made a mental note to always remember that I loved this song on our second wedding anniversary.”

“I am a huge fan of adaptive cruise control.”

After passing by the Jane Pauley Community Health Center in Indianapolis:
“Jane Pauley*? That’s random. I wonder if she’s from Indianapolis.” (Confirmed: she is!)

“Wow, it’s 49 degrees out. Feels like a heatwave!”

As a result of my recently-developed addiction to the farming simulation game called “Hay Day”, these thoughts occurred while driving by countless farms in I-65 in Indiana:
“I wouldn’t have put my silo there… Hmm, that barn is in bad shape… I wonder if they have a roadside market…”

After applying my Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment for the umpteenth time:
“I am really not a beauty product person but this stuff is amazeballs. I need to get another one in a different color tint.”

“Being out on the open road rocks.”

“I’m so glad that MTV’s original VJs are counting down the 80’s on XM Radio. I wonder what all of the OG bloggers will be doing in thirty years to expand their work with whatever technology is offered.”

After passing about twelve signs for the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, IN:
“Every single time I drive to Momo’s house I pass these signs and I want to stop in so badly! I should do it this time. Yes, I’m going to stop this time. Just for a minute. But I wonder if the candles are good or if they’re tacky? It would be funny if they were tacky. Or at least if there was a ‘tacky candle’ section. I’m totally stopping. And I’m going to buy the tackiest candle there and give it to Momo. No, that’s dumb. If I’m going to spend money on a candle it should not be for a tacky one. I should get a nice candle. Wait, I don’t need to spend money on candles today. I’m still stopping, though. Well, maybe not. If I stop, it’ll be longer before I arrive at Momo’s. Sigh. I guess I’ll have this conversation with myself again next time.”

Don’t you wish you had been in the car with me?

*You young whippersnappers may not know Jane Pauley. She was, among many other things, one of the former anchors of the “Today Show.”