Game Show Car Work (Not Necessarily In That Order)

I have been covering the BlogHer Twitter stream for Momo this week, who took spring break off so she could spend quality time with her kids without keeping one eyeball on her phone or her laptop at all times (seriously). Because I work with her AND because she is one of my closest friends, I am hyper-aware that she needs a vacation more than just about anybody in the world. Each time I cover for her when she takes personal time off, that point is hammered home even more thoroughly. Standing watch over a Twitter stream with 90,000+ followers to make sure questions are answered and potential problems are addressed as quickly as possible complicates pretty much everything else. And that’s only part of her job. Anyway…

That’s why I’m feeling more scattered than usual—I know it’s hard to believe that could even be possible—and what you’re getting today reflects that (sorry).

Yesterday I did spend some time staring at the gorgeous pictures that our official LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Chicago photographers shot at our first rehearsal. Even the pictures of me. I mean, LOOK.


Tracey and Melisa

Listen To Your Mother Chicago 2014 cast

Gorgeous, right?? Thanks to Brandi at Balee Images for capturing these amazing images.

Our first rehearsal was wonderful, as expected. This is our third year of LTYM Chicago, and it’s the third year that the instant cohesiveness of our cast goes beyond expectations for Tracey and me. The show is going to be fabulous. (Tickets on sale here, Chicago!)

J has been home on spring break this week and I’ll be taking him back to school on Sunday. I can’t believe that in about seven short weeks, his freshman year will be over! Time flies.

After I take him back to school, I’m driving an hour west to see my friend (and LTYM founder) Ann Imig do a presentation at a parenting expo in Madison, and then we are going to grab some dinner with our friend Alexandra. It’s going to be great to spend some time together without being surrounded by tons of people as we always have been, at the BlogHer conferences!

Speaking of driving, I’m picking up my new car today. More on that tomorrow but spoiler alert, it’s got four wheels, leather seats, and a sunroof.

I’ve been obsessively playing a game called “Hay Day”, but Liz tells me she’s writing a post about that so I won’t say too much about it right now except that since I already used the word “obsessively” in this sentence I think you can guess that whether I’m working or playing I’m pretty much in the same state of mind.

My house is a mess. Just had to throw that in there.

Right now my life is basically LTYM, work, Dailey Method, laundry, trying to remember to pull things out of the freezer for dinner, LTYM, work, Dailey Method, play “Hay Day”, LTYM, and work. What’s keeping me going is thinking about the month of May, which is jam-packed with fun fun fun (including travel!) from the very first day until the very last. I can’t wait.

This evening I’m headed over to a friend’s house to celebrate the spring equinox. I mean, SPRING IS HERE! (even though Chicago is supposed to get more snow next week, sigh.)

What are you up to this weekend?


  • Momo

    I love you for covering for me. I love you for lots of reasons, actually.

    Those pictures are INCREDIBLE. Seriously gorgeous, and I want to drive to Chicago just to have Brandi take my next headshot.

    I’m not even going to comment on Hay Day. You’re welcome.

  • Patty

    Congrats on the new car, the GORGEOUS pictures (love them all) and all the general awesomeness in this post. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Colleen

    LOVE those pictures! The one of you and Tracey is totes adorbs.

    Let’s see…weekend…I’m going to a fund raiser tomorrow (for a friend’s sister who’s having a kidney transplant) and then out to dinner with friends, so it should be a laid-back yet fun kinda time. I’m immensely looking forward to it!