It’s A Process.

In my newfound* quest to try and change up my work routine so that I can achieve some work/life balance, I’ve had a really productive week. And by “productive”, I mean “sort of successful according to my newly-created standards”.

I didn’t open my laptop all weekend, instead only using my phone or iPad sporadically to hit social media–but not any work (blogging included, and truth be told I’m kicking myself a little for that one right now.). Instead, I did things like:

~visit with D, who came to see us for lunch on Saturday
~make dinner with Jim (instead of one of us cooking while the other one does something else)
~sit on the back patio “farmin'” (playing “Hay Day”)
~sit on the back patio chatting with Jim
~sit on the back patio doing absolutely nothing
~watch an above-average number of movies and episodes of “Mad Men” and “House of Cards”
~clean the kitchen (like, really clean it)

Of course, all of that relaxation didn’t come easily. This is ME we’re talking about, remember?


Breaking my habit of showering as soon as I come home from my workout during the week (and instead, showering on a work break later) has allowed me to get down to business and into my “work zone” quickly, which is nice. Of course, there was that one day last week when Jim came home, took one look at me, and said, “Huh. You didn’t shower yet?” It wasn’t that I didn’t take breaks; it was that I didn’t use one of them for showering. Oops.

Yesterday I worked most of the day and then went out to cut the grass for Jim. He had been planning to do it after work but he rode his bike yesterday and I thought it would be nice to take care of it for him so he could come home and relax. Also, I rather enjoy cutting the grass. It was extremely hot, though, and I took a couple of breaks so I could go in the house and enjoy the a/c. (Hey, breaks! I guess I AM learning!)

I even made some time yesterday to look through some of the pictures on my computer, and was rewarded when I found a whole forgotten folder of pictures from last fall when I visited Momo and she took me to the Columbus Park of Roses.


So I guess in a sense you could say that I took some time to smell the flowers yesterday, and that’s all good.

*recycled, actually. I go through this all the time, probably because I haven’t yet figured out how to do it right.