NaBloPoMo: Here We Are Again.


Hello November first.

This is the day on which there are two kinds of bloggers:

1. I’m doin’ it!!
2. No. Way. You are all insane.

It seems like there’s no gray area when it comes to National Blog Posting Month, and I’m fine with that. Really, no matter where you stand on the issue of blogging every single day during the month of November, you can’t deny that the event is a great unifier.

I THINK I have done November’s NaBloPoMo every year (all the way through) since I started blogging in 2007, but I’m not sure and I don’t want to go back and look. It doesn’t matter. That’s the great thing about doing this: even if you start the month going gangbusters and you fizzle out before the end, you’ve still succeeded at a certain level because you tried it in the first place. High five to all of us who start out strong!

Here’s something funny: I am a huge promoter/supporter of NaBloPoMo, but I’m actually creating more work for myself. One of the main components of my job at BlogHer is to track mentions of all things BlogHer, including NaBloPoMo. November is my second busiest month besides annual conference month, and yet here I am telling all my friends they should do this. Glutton for punishment? I guess so. Anyway…it’s fun!

I wrote a post last year that included some good tips for sticking through to the very end. You can read that here.
If you want to sign up for the official BlogHer NaBloPoMo blog roll and be eligible for prizes (as if getting into a writing habit and gaining some new readers weren’t prize-y enough!), you can do that here. (Sign up by 11/5!)

One of the biggest benefits of doing this is picking up a few new readers here and there. I always try harder to leave comments on blog posts in November so people know I was there, even though it really does take up the time. It’s important to be supportive! I encourage you to do the same.

So what do you say: are you in?

Here’s a list in no particular order, of friends who indicated on Facebook that they’d be giving it a go this year (ahem, at least to start!) OR friends whose commitment I discovered when reading their first post today. If you aren’t listed, leave your blog url in the comments! Let’s all join hands and support each other (until it’s time to leave a comment, then UNjoin hands to type, then join hands again!).

Enjoying This Life
Momo Fali
As Cape Cod Turns
Mommy Needs Coffee
Thin Spiral Notebook
Deb on the Rocks
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Adventures in Babywearing
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Another Version of Mother
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Alphabet Salad
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Jennifer Williams
Angela Amman
Up Popped A Fox
The Headless Family
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Baddest Mother Ever
Busy Since Birth
Journey of 1000 Stitches
Butterfly Confessions
Is There Any Mommy Out There?
Red Shutters
Life With Roozle (Casey actually blogs every day year round!)

Good luck to everyone! I look forward to doing more writing AND reading this month! Woo hoo! Go Team!

(Oh and one more thing: best of luck to all of my friends who are also participating in National Novel Writing Month! Go get ’em, tigers!)