Sunday Reading

I’m super happy it’s Sunday for many reasons, not the least of which is that today being Sunday means that tomorrow is Monday, and Monday is the day Roxie finally gets her stitches removed so we can put the Cone of Shame away. It’s been a long week and a half. As much as I wanted to give her breaks from her post-surgical collar, she couldn’t last longer than thirty seconds before making attempts to lick where her stitches are. So annoying (for BOTH of us, I get it!). On Friday night I took the collar off and distracted her for a good twenty minutes by giving her a much-needed neck scratch and mini massage. Oh yes I did. And then the collar went right back on.

scratch scratch

So anyway, yay Sunday!

Last weekend I shared the links to a few posts written by friends that I enjoyed so very much, and since it was pretty well-received I’m doing it again. I read some REALLY good stuff this week.

That reminds me, I need to update my Blogroll. Oy.

*scribbles “update blogroll” on to do list*

I’ll get to that later. Anyway, here’s some Sunday reading for you. I hope you love these posts just as much as I do!

The creativity of Deb (on the) Rox always slays me. Her post, “The Hashtag Psalm” was featured on the latest installment of Five Star Friday but I want it on record that I had already decided to feature it here way before Schmutzie got a hold of it. Just sayin’.

I am always telling Rebecca at Foodie With Family to “Shut your mouth!” because her recipes (and posts) are so gorgeous and mouth-watering, but in truth I hope she never shuts her mouth. This week the post that made me drool the most was the one featuring Simple French Toast.

Terra at Zoeyjane and Co. was a part of my OG blogging group of friends, back in the days of Cre8Buzz. This week she wrote about why she originally started blogging, why she stopped, and why she recently started up again (yay!). I commented that she amazes me every day, and I think if you read that post, you’ll likely feel the same.

Tara—ahem, pronounced Tah-rah, not Terra (as in Terra just above ^^), thank you—from Thin Spiral Notebook is also one of my original blog buddies. She is an amazingly talented photographer AND writer. The short and sweet post she wrote about her kids this week touched my heart because it made me think of my own two boys, who are actually starting to initiate hanging out with each other, without ME even. It’s an amazing thing to see your kids grow up and want to spend time together!

I absolutely adored peeking into the wedding journal of RoiAnn from Are You The Babysitter? not only because I know her in real life (She’s a LTYM Chicago alumna!), but because it just exudes joy. RoiAnn and her wife Kelly were married last month on National Coming Out Day and although I saw a couple of pictures on Facebook, her personal, written account was so sweet and fun to read. She had me at “I’ve embraced my giddy.”

I love a good “response” blog post, and this week Vikki at Up Popped A Fox responded to the post I wrote last year about how to survive NaBloPoMo. The post included the suggestion to liberally use your draft folder, and Vikki gave us a peek into the highlights of hers, which made me laugh my head off. I should add, “You’re welcome, Vikki, for inspiring your NaBloPoMo Day 15 post. I hope you’re REALLY ha ha-ing at my winky face emoticon now, LOL.”

What have you read this week that you loved? Leave it in the comments!


  • Terra (aka Zoeyjane)

    I love that you just attempted to call dibs on Deb’s post. This is how flame wars begin, isn’t it? I kid, but that’s just to maintain my street cred, so you can’t tell that I’m blushing and nervous-giggling because you mentioned me. Thanks, lady. I’ve loved your comments this month.

  • Heidi Sloss

    Last month one of our cats had to wear the cone. Not pretty. And the hard plastic ones freak her out, so we had to get her one made is soft plastic. What a pain. But she is now all better. Well she was diagnosed with kitty IBS and will be on prednisone the rest of her life. But she is mostly symptom free and no more cone!

  • Leigh Ann

    I love roundup posts! I try to do one that went from weekly to biweekly to maybe when I get around to it. But they always get a good response.

    And that post from Zoeyjane and Co. Whoa.

  • Tara R.

    OG in the HOWW-SAH! Thanks for the shout out. You get it, with your boys close in age to my two. Empty nests aren’t exactly what we were lead to believe. Hugs to you and yours.

  • Kari

    This is the whole Saya Leah thing all over again……
    Haven’t started reading Naked yet because I fell asleep this weekend at 9:30 each night.
    But I promise I will start this week.