Just Noh.

I’m in a mood this afternoon, because I scheduled a workout for 4:30 p.m. and one of my least favorite things to do is drag myself away from whatever I’m doing to go take an afternoon class.

I used to do my workouts mostly in the evening or at 5:30 in the morning almost exclusively, so it’s not like I’m new at this, but I’m a creature of habit and changing up my schedule today hurt. I’ve grown quite accustomed to doing my 8:30 a.m. class and then being finished for the day. Actually, the fact that this is bothering me so much really tells me that I probably need to change it up more often, even though today was completely “an accident”. I thought I had a work obligation this morning and remembered that a friend scheduled herself for today at 4:30 so I thought, “Ah! I’ll go workout with her!” Then I discovered I could’ve worked out this morning after all, but I kept my reservation as is because I’m a good friend. As much as I want to see her, UGH THIS HURTS. Mentally, you know.

And if she’s a no-show, she will never hear the end of it.

Still, I’m making it work. It’s actually a very good day to be “in a mood”, because last night my sister took me to see the West End production of “Billy Elliot: The Musical Live” on film at our local movie theater and if you’ve ever seen the musical or the movie on which it was based, you know that the script and screenplay are both full of adult language. Curse words galore, and with an added bonus: the British accent that I love so much.

Billy Elliot the Musical Live

I’ve been home alone—well, with Roxie—all day so it’s been hard to practice saying “Sod off!” and other spectacular profane words and phrases (like effing but the real f-ing word but spoken as if from England) while using my best British accent because the dog could care less but with the mood I’m in, I’m walking around still doing it and likely sounding like a crazy person.

Luckily my dog is a troublemaker so when I’ve told her “NO!” today I’ve shouted “NOH!” just like the Brits do in “Billy Elliot”.


“NOH Roxie! NOH!”

I may have told her to “sod off” once or twice too, but she just stared at me, trying to get me to give her a treat like she always does so I don’t think she’s scarred for life or anything.

It’s time for me to change and head over to the studio. I wonder if my friend will mind if I express myself in a profanely British way while we’re getting our workout on. I think I’ll try it. Mixing things up can be good for you, you know.