It’s Better In The Bahamas

Jim and I just returned from a five-day cruise to the Bahamas. I wish we were still on said cruise to the Bahamas, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

While we re-acclimate to our lives here at home, enjoy this picture—one of my favorite shots from the trip— and a little list I made in my head on the way home.

Nassau Bahamas lighthouse
Nassau, Bahamas

What I Will Miss About The Cruise:
1. Not having to make my own dinner
2. Not having to make my own bed
3. Not having to clean my own bathroom
4. Not having to do dishes
5. Fun, delicious drinks that are made with more than two ingredients and sometimes come in whimsical containers
6. Waking up to turquoise waters and beautiful beaches
7. Playing blackjack while believing I will actually come out ahead in the end
8. Leaving the blackjack table with no chips left and just saying, “Oh well!” instead of “OMG! MY MONEEEEEEY!!!”
9. Nightly stand-up comedy shows
10. The Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle, and the Cha Cha Slide daily
11. Pitbull music EVERYWHERE
12. Pizza availability 24/7
13. Lots of walking; feeling like I “got my steps in” every day
14. The ability to order as many starters, sides, and main entrees at dinner as I wanted to (I didn’t go crazy, but COULD HAVE if I wanted to)
15. Chocolate melting cake with ice cream on the side
16. One of our nightly dinner servers, Pande, who greeted Jim and me by name when he saw us elsewhere on the ship
17. Another one of our nightly dinner servers, Baryo, who called me “Mel”
18. Towel animals in our room each night
19. Chocolates (for sweet dreams) on our bed each night
20. Laying on a lounge chair in the sun, reading and listening to music as if it were my job
21. Not being ruled by a clock
22. Seeing my husband enjoy himself on his first real vacation in a while

What Jim Will NOT Miss About The Cruise:
1. Pitbull music EVERYWHERE