Wait, What Day Is This Again?

And the month, please?

Well, I’m kidding about the month part. I know exactly what month it is (April), because I’m in the thick of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER season.

I am seriously having trouble keeping track of the days, though. (I just looked; it’s Wednesday. In case you also wondered.) I just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City (for the LTYM book launch) and New Jersey (to visit my other family) and I had all kinds of fun being completely relaxed and in a state of recharge, especially at this moment (Sunday afternoon) at this place (the beach in Seaside Heights) with my sistuh from anuthuh muthuh (Liz):

Not pictured: the goosebumps on my feet.
Not pictured: the goosebumps on my feet. Totally worth it.

Now that I’m back, I’m all “OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO” but not just in a LTYM way. My house, my other job (BlogHer), my attempts at keeping my commitment to my fitness tracker…so I’m just going to drop these here:

1. I took some amazing photos on this trip (if I do say so myself), but this one, taken under the boardwalk in Atlantic City and not nearly as amazing as some of the others, won’t leave my brain:


What’s the story there? A breakup? Or was it “He loves me, he loves me not”? I feel like I really need to know and I won’t rest until I find out. Okay, I lied. But I’d love to know what went on there.

2. Speaking of something I’d love to know, I overheard two guys talking as we passed them in Manhattan. One of them said, “…and that’s the worst thing about tractors.” What IS the worst thing about tractors? I wish I had stopped and turned back to ask. Any ideas? I have no farming experience.

3. Remember my stress about my fitness tracker? Well, the one full day that Liz and I were in Atlantic City with two of her/our girls, we walked nearly 19,000 steps, way over goal. Yay us! That said, I think I only made my step goal for 2 of the 5 days I was there. Those weren’t the first times I missed my daily goal. The very first time was the week before my trip, and believe it or not, my whole world didn’t implode. Yay me! Now I have resigned myself to the fact that I am just in the middle of my busy season and I’m just going to do my best. My best is all I can do, you know? (That’s what we always told our boys, so I’m sticking with my own advice. And you should listen, too.)

4. Speaking of listening, that brings me to the show. Tracey and I have been enjoying the advantages of producing our fourth annual show: we are ticking things off the to do list and, with eighteen days to go we have no worries at all about everything getting completed. We have an amazingly talented cast, awesome sponsors, fantastic photographers and a videographer who we trust immensely, and a great venue with a superb management team. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can do so here. (If you don’t live in Chicago but know someone who does, be a dear and pass on this info, would you please?)

You want to go. Trust.
You want to go. Trust.

5. Wait, what day is this again? Never mind, I’ll look it up.