Blue Man Group Questions and Answers? Got ‘Em!

Remember how, the last time I saw Blue Man Group Chicago (just a month ago!), I said that I won’t ever get sick of the show? TRUTH. In fact, I just went back last week.

I KNOW!! Crazy, right?

I was invited to come and see the show and stick around afterwards for a Q&A session with a band member and a Blue Man, and why the heck would I ever pass THAT up?

Answer: I would not.

Sidenote: Jim wondered how a Blue Man was going to answer questions, since Blue Men don’t talk. Huh. He’s always thinking.

Disclosure: we received complimentary tickets to the show as a part of a blogger event and while there was no requirement to write about it, naturally I am because I love Blue Man Group. Pictures courtesy of Blue Man Group.

Blue Man Group band

The show, of course, was great. Once again, the finale was my favorite. It always always will be. SO much fun. In fact, just last night at dinner I told my family that if I could be a part of that finale on repeat for hours, I totally would. TOTALLY.

Blue Man Group finale

After the show, we bloggers and our guests stuck around at the back of the theater and chatted with the stage manager while a band member and a Blue Man got cleaned up (and out of character, so he could talk! There you go, Jim!), and they joined us after a few minutes. There were so many questions and answers flying around that there’s no way I could cover it all but some really cool things I learned were:

1. The Blue Man who spent time with us (apologies; I didn’t write down his name but he was terrific!) said that after so many years of being a Blue Man, he is able to get all of his makeup off in ten minutes. That blew my mind.
2. He said that Blue Man training is very much like the show: it has a lot to do with sinking or swimming. Those who “swim” through training from the very beginning are going to be just fine.
3. Blue Men learn more than one role, which makes it easier to sub in when others go on vacation or are gone for other reasons.
4. The first skill set outside of music that new Blue Men work to master is throwing and catching.
5. Someone asked how they keep from laughing, and he responded that it’s all about perspective. Blue Men are logical and childlike and innocent and don’t find the same things funny as the rest of us.
6. D asked “Has the show ruined bananas, Twinkies & Cap’n Crunch for ya?” and our Blue Man said, “ABSOLUTELY.” If you haven’t seen the show, sorry. That’s all you’re getting.

While we were there, I was mesmerized by the stage crew, who was furiously cleaning up the entire time. The stage manager reminded me that they typically have 25 minutes between shows to make everything new again, and once again my mind was blown. They do an incredible job with that mess.

It was such a cool experience, to sit there for thirty minutes and listen to all of the questions being rattled off. Thank you so much to the folks at Blue Man Group; we were thrilled to be there and will remember the evening for a long time to come!

One more thing: I want to put another reminder out about the special Autism show that Blue Man Group Chicago is doing. It’s on Sunday October 4 at 4:00 p.m. (Chicago was the first city to stage an autism show, last year!) Blue Man Group shows nationwide are working with Autism Speaks this year to provide special experiences for this special community and will donate a minimum of $25,000 towards autism awareness and research to benefit families affected by autism.

Blue Man Group Chicago is staged at Briar Street Theatre, 3133 N. Halsted (in Lakeview). There are restaurants all over the place so you can really make an evening out of it. In fact, I highly recommend doing just that!

You can find more information about Blue Man Group (and of course, purchase tickets) on their website. Thanks again, Blue Man Group! See you soon!

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