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We’re Exactly Like The Incredibles, But Different

When he was a teenager, I used to give Dylan a really hard time because he hardly ever wore sunglasses. I’d sit in the passenger seat of the car as he drove us around and say, “Don’t you want your sunglasses? It’s so bright out today!”

He always replied with some B.S. to the effect of, “Sunglasses? I don’t need sunglasses. My eyes have a sun-resistant coating.”

Commence eyeroll.

I have not let him live this down a decade later, making comments about his sun-resistant eyes whenever I find myself near him on a sunny day.

That’s why I have to laugh at myself on these chilly winter evenings when I turn the gas fireplace off and go over right away to close the damper by moving the hot lever with my bare hand. Jim says, “Don’t you want to use this hot mitt?” I reply, “Hot mitt? Nah, I don’t need a hot mitt. My hands are totally heat-resistant.”

I guess super powers (and B.S.) run in the family.

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  • Vikki

    We call that Asbestos Fingers in my house. Luisa has them. My mom had them too which is probably why she used to cut and squeeze my baked potato well into high school 😂