Walking In Memphis


I’m in Memphis for a few days while D is attending a design conference. While I did my normal level of research on activities and places to eat ahead of time, I didn’t plan everything out by the hour like I typically do. I dumped everything into a list on my Wunderlist app and have been flying by the seat of my pants, truly.

My favorite part of this trip, as usual, is the time I’m spending just walking around and taking photos.

I’ve spent a lot of quality time on Beale Street.

Beale Street

Blues Hall

The neon signs are ridiculously fun.

Rum Boogie Cafe


Love and happiness basically sums it up around here.

Downtown Memphis

I made a pilgrimage to Graceland and saw that Jungle Room, but I think the living room was my favorite.

Graceland Living Room

I left my mark.

Graceland Glad I Came

I’ve eaten barbecued brisket, fried chicken, grits, fried green tomatoes, and a few non-southern specialties (donuts).

I’ve alternated between feeling exhilarated from the experience of exploring on my own and wishing I had someone next to me, sharing it all.

Beale Street

I’m having a blast. Wish you were here.


  • Angela Y

    love this so much!!! I was in Memphis for the first time this past summer and fell in love. And Found Graceland fascinating.
    I love going back to Memphis with you and actually tagging along on all your trips through your posts and pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures!!!

  • Liz

    I love traveling with you, IRL and virtually, too 🙂 And now I know that it’s Beale Street in the song and not “the real street” as I’ve been singing all these years, walking because fake streets is for posers. Ahem.