Money Battles

Things you don’t necessarily want to hear from your 23-year-old, who just picked up two friends from O’Hare airport in their car, the one that had been parked at our house all week while they were gone:

“So I told them that I bought them a tire gauge this week and they asked me how much it was and I wouldn’t tell them so they left a $5 bill under my windshield on my car and drove away. Then I chased them down the street because I didn’t want them to pay me back for it and I jumped on the trunk of their car and they kept driving through the neighborhood for another block and a half with me on the trunk before they pulled over. Then when they stopped I tossed the money back into their car through the window and ran home. By the time I got here, they had put the money back under my windshield and were long gone.”

And then after cringing about your precious “baby” risking his life riding around on the trunk of a car because DOESN’T HE KNOW HE COULD GET HURT you realize that you’ve had some epic money battles with friends yourself, because you’re always arguing about who is going to treat the other one. And then, thinking back, you realize the sneakiest you’ve ever been is stealthily shoving money into purses and wallets, and you decide that perhaps it’s time to step up your game. Suddenly you can TOTALLY see yourself having this exact trunk-riding, money battling adventure with a couple of your friends, and maybe your 23-year-old is onto something.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all.

NaBloPoMo 2015


  • Angela

    This made me laugh. My mom and her sister had a $5 battle for a while, too, tucking it in purses and into cards (they live several states away from each other.)

  • Arnebya

    Man, this happens so often. Don’t get up to go to the bathroom, because I’m totally sticking it back in your purse, sister. Sister comes out from bathroom, makes no mention of money or of knowing that it’s been returned, I find the money inside my car three days later. And so it continues. Sometimes, when I’m stuck at the subway with too little money on my card or need money for an emergency Pepsi, I think about those dollars and how I might keep them next time.

    I’ll never keep them.