Lean On Me.

For some reason, whether it’s Mercury being in retrograde (is it still? I don’t really keep track) or just a massive coincidence in time and space, I have a bunch of really good friends who are currently hurting and stressed. They have recently lost loved ones, have loved ones in the hospital, have financial issues, or are experiencing a personal health crisis or marital strife. It’s awful. There’s a lot of heartache out there.

Being someone who throws her whole heart into relationships, I carry around a feeling of helplessness in regards to the struggles of my beloved friends. It simmers gently, just under the surface, bubbling up when I’m getting updates or desperately trying to make someone who is having a particularly bad day feel a little better. I’m a fixer and a control freak, so it pains me to no end when I can’t take away the heartache that is being experienced by someone I love.

Most of the time, all I can do is be there. And I am. I always always always have time for friends in need, even when it seems like I don’t. I do. I repeat: I DO. If my schedule has no holes for a phone call or some other need, I make time. Relationships are important to me.

And so, right now when I have so many friends scattered all over the country who are in desperate need of support, I’m sending out all my love and virtual hugs and strength. You’ll get through this rough time. I can’t say how long it’ll take, but you will get through it. I’m here with you, even though I’m not there with you, and please remember the 1972 words of Bill Withers, sung in the style of the 1987 Club Nouveau remake because that one is way more my style, “Call me (when you need a friend)”. Call me. Call me. Call me.

Love you, my friends. I want to help. Let me be there. (But that’s a whole other song.)

NaBloPoMo 2015