A Streaming Wish List

Today has been an Adam Sandler kind of a day. We watched “Don’t Mess With the Zohan” (a family fave) and then “Grown Ups”. I decided to search for MTV’s “Remote Control” so we could show D how Adam Sandler got started, and I was thrilled to find full episodes on YouTube. The one we watched didn’t have Adam Sandler in it (of course not because MY LUCK), but it DID have the original commercials that aired in 1989 so we got a good laugh about that.

It got me thinking about three shows from back in the day that I would love to see on Netflix or Hulu at some point (so I can watch them in order and don’t have to piece the seasons together on YouTube):

Soap. This parody of daytime soap operas only ran for four years (1977-1981) but it seems to me like it was around for much longer. The writing was fantastic, and the show featured Billy Crystal, Katherine Helmond, Robert Urich, and lots of other 80’s stars that my younger readers would be all, “I have no idea who you’re talking about.” (In fact, they might be like that regarding the ones I named.)

Moonlighting. Also on for only four years (WHUT), this show was a dramedy that revolved around the Blue Moon Detective Agency and the chemistry between its owners Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison (Bruce Willis). I LOVED THIS SHOW.

Benson. Robert Guillaume starred in this sitcom (a spinoff of “Soap”) about the “head of household affairs” for the governor of a state they never identified. Benson eventually became Lieutenant Governor, something that was highly unlikely in real life for someone starting out as “head of household affairs” but for a sitcom, it worked. “Benson” was on for seven years.

Maybe I’ll be able to stream these shows someday. What shows would you love to stream?