• Shannon

    I have never had chicken kiev before! Rest assured, if I ever do, I will most definitely refer to it as pee-pee chicken and I will make every effort to squirt it as high as possible.
    Side note: I did not know that you are an Amazing Race fan. Who are you rooting for this season?

    • Melisa Wells

      I hope you put it on your list for the next time you do your grocery shopping. And I want video of how much joy it brings to you and your family…

      I LOVE the Amazing Race. This season I am rooting for the dad/son cancer survivor team (wah-wah, #sadtrombone if you saw the previews for next week), and the roller derby moms!

      • Shannon

        Oh, I like both of those teams, too. I also kind of get a kick out of the couple from Alabama – you know the guy with the curly mullet. They seem good together, but I doubt they will make it too far. It annoys me a little that the show plays fiddle music every time they come on. That makes the southerner in me root for them even more.

  • Dawndi

    Pee Pee Chicken….hehehehehe Hilarious! I love it!

    I have to refer to Better than Sex Cake as BTS cake or Nick gets so embarrassed! 😉

  • Grandma W

    Well I think it was me that named it Pee Pee Chicken. You were not the greatest one to try new things when you were little and I always try to find different ways to have you try things. We would get them quite often in fact by the box from our friend Ed Mergenthaler he was a butcher for years. Butcher so do all of you know what that is we don’t have any real ones done here one or two stores try to have them but more than 30 years ago they were stores on their own. No groceries included.
    I haven’t made “Better Than Sex” cake in a couple of months, that is a great idea.
    Grandma W

  • Patty

    I’ve never had chicken kiev but I like you name for it so much better! That’s hysterical. 🙂 In Ecuador there is this snack that grandmas make for their grandkids called “caca de perro”…translation its called dog poop. it’s a corn made only in ecuador, toasted and then covered with caramel like topping. the caramel hardens and its a yummy sweet/salty snack…with a weird name!