I Know Neen. Do You Know Neen?

Gratitude Neen

Once in a blue moon I lure you here only to send you to read my writing elsewhere. This is one of those occasions. My friend and 2016 LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO alumna Nina Vallone asked me if I wanted to participate in the second annual 30-day Gratitude Series on her blog You Know Neen and of course I said, “Heck yeah! Thanks for asking!”

Then I proceeded to get busy with life and Jim’s accident and I totally missed her deadline by a mile but I apologized and asked her if I could write something anyway, and if she couldn’t use it I’d just post it here. She was still able to make room for me (bless her!), and today’s the day. I wrote about being grateful for self care and you can check it out HERE.

Thanks again, Neen! I’m filled with gratitude for you. *wink* (There I go again!)