10 Things That Made Me Happy This Holiday Weekend

It’s not even Sunday yet and this long holiday weekend has been packed enough for a whole week. It’s been great, too. In fact, I’m wishing it wasn’t ending tomorrow.

Anyway, we arrived home after this evening’s festivities a little late and I need to get to bed soon so I made the executive decision to write up a listicle so I can check “Write today’s blog post” off of my to-do list. Ten things that made me happy this holiday weekend? Let’s count ’em down.

1. Jim and Jason came home for the holiday, so all four of us were under the same roof, yay!

2. Thanksgiving was gloriously relaxed and the food was all completely amazing.

3. My turkey was perfectly cooked and gorgeous. I know I already mentioned the amazing food in number 2 but the turkey deserved its own list item.

4. There was a bunch of laughing in this house. I miss that when it’s quiet, so believe me: I enjoyed it full force over the last couple of days.

5. Jim and I visited the Christkindlmarket in Naperville, where I picked up two mugs and some German candy. It’s always a good time.

christkindlmarket 2016

6. I slept better than I have in ages over the last two nights, which is making me feel more tired. I can’t figure that out except to guess that my body is now so excited to think about catching up on sleep that it’s in that mode. Or something like that; I’m no sleep scientist.

7. I ventured out at 7:00am on Black Friday to get more than half of our holiday shopping done with very little planning but extreme accuracy, and it only took 90 minutes! The mall wasn’t much busier than it usually is, and Target was nearly dead. I might continue that tradition from now on because getting that much shopping done with so much savings in so little time is definitely a win!

8. Today we stayed in bed until 8:30am, which is unheard of. I would love to laze around in bed every day as I did today, but I guess if I were able to do that I might not enjoy it as much because it wouldn’t be a treat.

9. I was able to take the family pictures I need to order holiday cards and will be doing that by Monday. I am totally on top of the holiday card thing this year, which is completely odd since I have been able to stay on top of virtually nothing else this year. Go figure.

10. Jim and I went to Fox Lake tonight, where we enjoyed the Fox Lake Illuminated Parade & Tree Lighting and dinner with friends. It was a lovely evening!

Jim leaves bright and early tomorrow morning and I’ll be spending the day figuring out my week and doing a little more relaxing, including staying offline as much as possible. So with that, enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  • Liz

    Your weekend sounds like heaven, to me! Can’t wait to see your holiday card, they’re always so fun, sort of like being with you guys…IRL…okay, more than sort of even. Love you!