Lazy Susan blue ribbon 1

Lazy Susan on a Lazy Sunday

My mom has been painting–tole/folk art, oil, watercolor, you name it–for as long as I can remember. Her projects and themes have varied, but in my humble opinion her best items have been adorned with painted roses. I’m not sure if her rose-covered creations are so beautiful because roses happen to be her favorite flower (yellow roses, more specifically) or because of all the practice she’s had. Probably both and either way, her painted roses are amazing.

That’s why it was no surprise to me that when she painted a giant lazy Susan black and festooned it with roses last summer, she subsequently won a blue ribbon for it. MOM BRAG ALERT:

Lazy Susan blue ribbon 1

Before I left Chicago I stopped at IKEA to get a few things I knew I wanted for our new home, and I found a ten-dollar lazy SusanSNUDDA in IKEA-speak. I bought one for myself. I handed it to my mom immediately upon arriving in Knoxville and asked her to pleeeeeeease sand off the finish and paint it similarly to the award-winning one.

Just when I forgot about it, she did. Yesterday she brought it over. I nearly drooled when I unwrapped it. It’s gorgeous. See?

New Lazy Susan

My one-of-a-kind, absolutely beautiful lazy Susan now has a permanent home on our dining room table and although I don’t think I’ll ever put anything on top of it and use it as it’s intended unless my mom paints a little cloth with roses that I can put down first to protect it (call me crazy: I dare you), I’ll probably just spin it around every now and then to get a different view from my chair. That way I’ll probably own the very first lazy Susan in the world to actually earn its name.