Taking Stock

I decided to jump on the “Taking Stock” bandwagon, which I first read at Laurie’s site. She got it from “Meet Me At Mike’s”. I thought it looked fun; we’ll see if I still think so at the end. Now that I’m reading through it all, it seems like a lot of work. Ready? Let’s go.

Making: Holiday cookies and deviled eggs (not simultaneously). I’m making the boys’ favorite holiday cookies so they can take some home when they go back to the Chicago area on Sunday AND so Jim and I can enjoy some cookies but not thousands of them. The deviled eggs are, along with wine, what we’re bringing to Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws’ house.

Cooking: Not as much as usual this week, oddly enough! After Thanksgiving weekend is over, Jim and I will get back to meal planning and cooking.

Drinking: Ten minutes ago, Jack and Coke. Right now, a bottle of Propel. In a bit, probably another Jack and Coke. Scratch that. Right now, another Jack and Coke because Jim offered to mix it for me and I don’t turn that down.

Reading: “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life” by Samantha Irby. I have been legitimately LOLing all the way through; she is hysterical. I only have a couple of essays left and then I think I’ll be moving on to either Shonda Rhimes’ “The Year of Yes” or Mayte Garcia’s “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince”, which I got for $2.99 yesterday in some nutty Amazon sale that popped up in my inbox.

Wanting: To find the motivation to color the notecards I stamped. It seems weird to feel like I need motivation to color, but I purchased a bunch of blank notecards and colored pencils and stamps, intending to give some away as gifts…and then I set it all aside. Whyyyyy don’t I want to color? (Seriously. Why?)

Looking: At next week’s calendar excitedly because it is fairly empty. I have a teeth cleaning one day and have to take my car in another day because my stereo keeps shorting out, but other than those excursions and my workouts, I don’t have to leave my house at all if I don’t want to, for seven full days.

Playing: Music, for most of my waking hours. I have a ton of playlists on Spotify (most of them have a theme) and am fairly varied in my choices on any given day. My “Master Playlist” is where I have dumped most of my favorite artists and songs (thousands of them) and listen to that on shuffle when I can’t decide on a specific artist or themed playlist.  Songs I currently replay multiple times when they come up in the shuffle: P!nk’s “What About Us”, J Balvin/Willy William/Beyonce’s “Mi Gente”, Miley Cyrus’ “Malibu”, and Portugal, The Man’s “Feel It Still”.

Deciding: What my strategy should be for diving into my photos and making photo books. Chronological? Favorite trips first? I have no clue.

Wishing: That we could have gotten Foo Fighters tickets for their show at Wrigley Field next July before they sold out. They added a second show but it’s on a Monday and Jim would need to take two days off of work instead of one, so we’re going to pass on that for now. I’m glad we got to see them here in Knoxville last month and will leave it at that for this tour.

Enjoying: Having Dylan here this week. Jason and his girlfriend Hannah arrive tomorrow morning!

Waiting: To see how Cyber Monday is going to help me with holiday shopping. Some websites give hints about what they’ll offer ahead of time and some don’t. I guess patience is a virtue.

Liking: The weather here in Knoxville right now. It’s still sunny and in the 50s and 60s during the day. I think it’s going to feel very strange seeing my Chicago friends’ snow pictures this winter because it doesn’t snow that much here.

Wondering: If I pulled a chest muscle in boxing class this morning. When I came home it was throbbing a little bit but I’m not feeling it at the moment. I should try not to be such a beast in class. *wink*

Loving: My house. It feels like a big hug no matter which room I’m in. I appreciate this home so much.

Pondering: Everything, at all times. Hi, I’m Melisa and I’m an over-thinker.

Considering: Whether I want to walk 3.1 miles on my treadmill tomorrow morning in order to earn the special “Thanksgiving Achievement Award” in my Activity app. I’m motivated by incentives, even if they’re just cute graphics that pop up for a second on my phone. I am leaning towards not doing it but I know I probably will get up tomorrow and decide to after all. That award is adorable!

Buying: Holiday gifts. I bought and wrapped the boys’ Hanukkah gifts already so they can take them back to Chicago in Jason’s car on Sunday and am about halfway done with everything else I need to purchase. I’m going to try and finish buying and wrapping next week.

Watching: Brian Regan’s new comedy special, “Nunchucks and Flamethrowers” (Netflix). Current network TV faves include “This is Us”, “Modern Family”, and “The Voice”. Also, “At Home with Amy Sedaris” on TruTV is awesome, and I’m streaming “Mom”, “Ozark”, and “The Last Man on Earth”, in addition to other random stuff. I just watched the “Project Runway” finale and I’m sad that the season is over. (Reunion special coming up, though!)

Hoping: That my friends who are going through challenges at the moment are going to start to see resolutions and better times very, very soon. I wish I had the power to fix all things.

Marveling: At the fact that Jim and I have made our bed every single day since we moved into this house at the end of March. It’s an amazing accomplishment, really: in thirty years of marriage we have never been regular bed-makers. It definitely helps that we can see our bedroom from the living room couch: we don’t want to look at a messy bed!

Cringing: At the news, pretty much every day. Related: also cringing at my Facebook news feed much of the time.

Needing: A nap or three. I’m perpetually tired, but hoping that this long stretch of no travel will find me getting more rest.

Questioning: Why we have one mysterious light switch near our front door that seems to operate nothing at all. It would be great if we could figure it out!

Smelling: Just my perfume at the moment, when I sniff my wrist. I am totally old school; I wear Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely”. I’m always a little paranoid that it’s too strong because I don’t want to be that person, but people often tell me I smell nice so I don’t know; maybe it’s okay?

Wearing: Jeans and long sleeved shirts, or jeans and short sleeved shirts with light sweaters. I love fall!

Following: Currently I’m trying to follow the blogs of my friends who are also doing NaBloPoMo but I’m way behind on reading and commenting because of all the travel this month.

Thinking: That I should have started this post earlier today. This is taking forever!

Admiring: My friends who are taking leaps out of their comfort zones into new things. Like Jana, for example, who just opened an Etsy shop so she can sell her beautiful paintings.

Sorting: Piles in my office. Storage options are slim up there so I continue to try and find a system that works. I haven’t yet been successful but I’m getting closer.

Getting: Excited about the guy that’s coming over next week to get our gas fireplace hooked up and ready to use. It’s about to be Cozy Central all up in here.

Bookmarking: A few recipes. Once I get back into meal planning I’ll revisit our favorites, of course, but it’s good to shake things up and add some new stuff. Momo recently reminded me that the Pioneer Woman’s Sesame Noodle recipe is amazing, so I’ve put that in the queue.

Coveting: I can’t think of anything I covet at the moment. I try not to covet anyway: that’s the tenth commandment, you know.

Disliking: The way many people drive around here. I’m not sure why one needs to slow down nearly to a complete stop to make a right turn, or why people spend so much time on their phones (no hands-free law here) instead of paying attention to the road, but I have road rage daily.

Opening: Emails, so I can read them and then file or delete. I’m trying to get control of my inbox again. I’m really going to do it this time!!! (I know I say that every time, but this time I mean it.)

Giggling: The new Chili’s commercial makes me giggle like crazy every single time it comes on. I’m not sure why; neither is Jim, who stares at me in disbelief because EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s just cute and colorful and…I don’t know. I guess it’s always the little things, right? Does it really matter WHY it makes me happy? I think not.

Feeling: Really in love with my husband, still. (I know, I know: get a room.) Marriage is full of different seasons and stages, and right now we are enjoying a blissfully happy time. I’m not taking it for granted one bit.

IMG 2102
Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas

Snacking: Stacy’s Pita Chips and La Terra Fina Spinach and Artichoke Dip made with Greek Yogurt are my snack of choice lately and honestly there must be some crack in there somewhere. So addictive. (Kidding about the crack.)

Hearing: This evening I’m hearing the trains that pass through the area every now and then, my neighbors’ dogs barking, the washing machine, and Jim using the TV remote to go through the guide, trying to figure out what to watch. They’re the sounds of home and I love hearing them.