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I’ve Lost the Power.

I picked Dylan up from the airport last week and, upon arriving at my house he said he had a couple of YouTube videos to show me. “Sure,” I said. “Put ’em on!”

As he was searching for the videos on his phone he said, “Oh! I found 2 Unlimited on YouTube!” I know 2 Unlimited, but couldn’t remember their music. Dylan said, “Remember? We used to listen to them in the car all the time! Here, I’ll show you.” He went on and on about how he missed listening to that entire CD. He quickly found the video for “No One” and as he started it, I recognized the music immediately. Then I was filled with similar nostalgia and started laughing when I realized where it came from.

2 Unlimited did a bunch of songs that were used in Aerobics classes in the early 90s. I had many aerobic mixes on tape–and later, CDs–and often it’s what I would play in the car starting when Dylan was a toddler. (I played very little kids’ music in my car, opting instead to teach my kids to love what I loved. Evil? Perhaps. Regrets? No.) My kids LOVED workout music, and I loved playing it in the car. I did have to be careful though; sometimes I found myself speeding when we listened to it.

Watching that video and remembering the old days made me think about my very favorite workout music of all time, PowerMusic’s Aerobic Power Mix 19. I loved it so much that my father-in-law put it on a CD for me because I was worried I was going to wear out the cassette. Later I uploaded it to my iTunes account. Remembering that, I opened up iTunes after Dylan and I watched the 2 Unlimited video and was disappointed to find out that it the mix didn’t make it to my iCloud for some reason and I can’t access the file. I may still have the CD’s somewhere but, being in a hurry I did a web search–even eBay–and came up empty. Suddenly it occurred to me that a good friend of mine who taught aerobics for years surely had it at one time, and perhaps she still did! So…

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In the end she discovered that she didn’t have it anymore, but offered to ask another long-time instructor (and mutual friend) about it for me. In the meantime, I’ll look for the CDs my father-in-law made for me…perhaps while I listen to these:

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My other faves. And yes, “TRANSYNC: the definitive trance & house tribute to ‘N SYNC” is as spectacular as you might imagine.

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