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How I Roll

We landed back in Knoxville late yesterday afternoon after 18 hours of travel and very little sleep. There was the flight from Maui to Los Angeles followed by an extra-long layover (12:15am-6:00am PT) and a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas/Fort Worth followed by an extra-short layover (we made it to the gate for our flight to Knoxville with less than ten minutes to spare), and then finally the flight home.

We picked up dinner on the way home–it was 4:00pm Knoxville time but 11:00am Hawaii time, so technically it was lunch, or was it? We didn’t care: we just wanted to be able to get home and not have to run back out for food or anything else later on.

It was a struggle to stay awake until 9:00pm but we did, barely, and we slept until the alarm went off at 6:30am.

Today Jim returned to work and I worked on stuff at home: on laundry, finishing the unpacking and sorting, going through eight days of mail, making the beds in the guest room (the boys were here until right before we left for Maui), a work and catch-up call with Momo, working out, food shopping, and other miscellaneous tasks including lunch with a friend and stopping by another friend’s house–neither of which I consider to be “tasks” but they were part of what I did today.

The exhaustion hit me about an hour ago and I’m definitely not complaining about it because I just got back from the trip of a lifetime; I’m just saying I. Am. So. Tired. I hope to make it to 9:00 again tonight.

How I roll lately? Early bedtimes, and loving it. Das how I roll.