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    The Lost Craft

    Did you know I used to be a crafting wizard? It’s a fairly well-known fact among those who know me that I’m very creative and know my way around a wide variety of supplies from any arts and crafts store, but most of the friends who I’ve met in the past decade have no idea how big my obsession was. (I did craft shows, for goodness’ sake!) I come by it honestly; a love of creating with our hands runs in the family. I vividly remember following my mom into Lee Wards Craft Store when I was very young. At every visit she picked up the supplies she needed for…

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    Like Carnies, Only Craftier.

    This weekend, I did something I haven’t done in more than fifteen years. I had a booth at a craft fair: two actually: one Friday and one Saturday. Last month I wrote about how I did a Holiday Open House, which was actually at someone’s home. The craft fairs this weekend were at two schools, and I was one of about thirty vendors at the first one, and one of about sixty vendors at the second one. I had forgotten how fun it was to make a bunch of crafts (travel journals that I sold along with my travel book) and then sell them. (Jim is probably groaning as he’s…

  • Childhood Memories,  I've Got Mad Skillz


    I’m crafty. Not in a bad way, mind you: what I mean is that I am skilled at arts and crafts. All kinds. I’ve given you hints about it over the past few years: the wooden CD cabinet, the notecards, the paper sashes and flowers…but there’s more. WAY MORE. I have spent time doing the following things at some point: Cross-stitching Plastic Canvas needleworking Beaded jewelry Clay jewelry Stained Glass Clay sculpture Ceramics Stamping Mosaics Flower arranging Sewing Wood crafts Scrapbooking Quilling …but there’s more. When I was a kid, my mom frequented Leewards Craft Store. My mom is viciously talented when it comes to crafts. Her big craft now…