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    Thanks, Healthcare Workers! (or, Here’s a Template for a Thank You Note)

    “You were all already heroes in my eyes way before this tragedy struck my family, but now that I know what I know from experiencing it, I am truly in awe of all of you.” I wrote a thank you letter last week, as did my mom and sister. I delivered them to the hospital staff who sit at a table just inside the ER doors, taking temperatures and evaluating people who want to enter the building. Those gatekeepers would deliver the thank you notes to the Nurses’ Station on the COVID floor for me, just like they delivered various things my dad, mom, and sister needed from home when…

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    I completely missed my eleventh “blogoversary”, which happened last week, on October 28th. It’s funny how, in the early days of blogging, the annual anniversary of our first post was a huge deal. The community was different back then; each of us bloggers had our own little community of readers within the larger community as a whole. People actually commented on blog posts and we found new blogs to read by checking out the sites belonging to our commenters. Facebook was fairly new back then and word of mouth was how we grew our sites. The fact that I didn’t even think about my anniversary on the day it happened…

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    Today is my eighth blogoversary and while I don’t have the time to write what I consider a “proper post”, I really didn’t want to get to midnight without saying something here. I mean, eight years is pretty good! Thanks to the Facebook “On This Day” app, I was reminded of the post I wrote two years ago. (Wait, apparently I didn’t feel the need to write something last year for Year Seven? Okay, that’s weird.) ANYWAY, two years ago I made a really cool list of the experiences I’ve been afforded as a result of blogging. The year before, I wrote about some of the knowledge I’ve gained since…