Today is my eighth blogoversary and while I don’t have the time to write what I consider a “proper post”, I really didn’t want to get to midnight without saying something here. I mean, eight years is pretty good!

Thanks to the Facebook “On This Day” app, I was reminded of the post I wrote two years ago.

(Wait, apparently I didn’t feel the need to write something last year for Year Seven? Okay, that’s weird.)

ANYWAY, two years ago I made a really cool list of the experiences I’ve been afforded as a result of blogging. The year before, I wrote about some of the knowledge I’ve gained since I started this blog.

Overall though, the most valuable benefit that has come to me since I started Suburban Scrawl is, by far, you. The people I have met (either strictly online or online AND in real life) are what I’m most thankful for. If it weren’t for Suburban Scrawl I never would have met some of the very best friends I’ve ever had in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to count myself as a member of little social circles that overlap with bigger social circles. I’ve found my crazy (nothing personal) tribe through this blog: my chosen friends, my chosen community. I’m a lucky girl.

I’m not naming names because it never, ever fails: I ALWAYS forget people. (Believe me, I’m blessed. I have literally been inspired by hundreds of you since eight years ago today.) Go to my sort-of-out-of-date Blogroll to check out just a few of the Influencers who have influenced me.

And then give yourself a hug until I see you in person next and can do it myself. I am thankful beyond words for you. YES, YOU.

Thanks for reading. XOXOXO