Goodbye, Darling Niki!


Last Saturday was a banner day. I finally got to check out the “Niki in the Garden” exhibit that was at the Garfield Park Conservatory all summer. Niki de Saint Phalle (who died in 2002) was a French artist who found her creativity, apparently, after she had a complete nervous breakdown. Her story is very fascinating; her artwork is mindbogglingly brilliant.


My partner in crime was my 15-year-old son. We arrived, after horrible traffic, about 35 minutes before closing. I waffled the entire trip there about whether we should turn back because the day was disappearing, but the exhibit leaves on Halloween, this Wednesday, and I just didn’t see how I could fit a visit into another day.


I am so glad we went. The sculptures were absolutely amazing, and we enjoyed walking through the differently-themed plant areas in the conservatory.

The best part? My FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD thanked me for bringing him. It doesn’t get much better than that…


  • Manic Mom

    Hey! I think my fave band, Poi Dog Pondering played there this summer. Looks like a nice garden. I figured it was in Chicago… I won’t make it out of my teeny-tiny suburban bubble! HA!

    See you Tuesday… noon, right? Feather boas, right? Good.

  • Melisa

    Tuesday at noon: yes, looking forward to it!

    And we’re going to have to burst your suburban bubble. I won’t be havin’ any of that sheltered life beezness. 🙂