How Many Blogs Should One Person Have????

I decided, at my sister Julie’s suggestion a while back, to begin a second blog after I got rolling with Remembering Ruby. Because the nature of that blog is to promote my book, it is not reasonable to post random thoughts or things I find or cute stories or pictures of my current dog on that website. Julie suggested that I start a second blog that would act as a sort of umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh…) for “all my stuff”.

I have tried to come up with a clever name for this blog for a couple of months now. I didn’t want a name that would emphasize one part of me over another; I am more than a wife, a mom, a pet owner, a writer, a salon coordinator, a homeowner (well, in 20 years or so, but you know what I mean), a crafter, a group fitness instructor…I am all of that and more, rolled up into one package. I finally came up with a name I like, and will post on this site regularly as I keep up with Remembering Ruby, not to mention (but doing it anyway) that I’ll be posting every day in November as a member of NaBloPoMo. I’m a busy girl. I hope you check in regularly, and actively comment as well…I’d love to hear from you!


  • Jules

    Wah Wah Wee Wah! King of the castle! King of the castle! You have 2 blogs!

    Of course this one is going to join Ruby in my blogroll, too. You should have a million hits by sundown. hee hee

  • Melisa

    King of the castle! King of the castle! Verrrry niiiice…

    I’ve got three now if you include NaBloPoMo-MoFo (ha: I just made that up).

    Maybe by next week I’ll have 4! (NOT)