That’s how many of my family and friends would describe me (only in the most loving way, of course!). I am constantly on the run; even when I was a 100% of the time stay-at-home mom, I never stayed at home. Not because I didn’t want to be at home, of course, but things had to get done somehow!

When the boys were younger, I knew it was the right thing to do, to ask them if they wanted to try a sport like soccer or baseball. (Although my younger sister played soccer for years, I was a couch potato-ish little girl who preferred television and casual games–like cartwheels and tag–outside with friends to any organized sport) I even offered up karate. But every time I asked, they would say, “No, don’t want to.” I’ll tell you a secret as long as you don’t tell anyone else. I was fine with that! The idea of adding a practice- and game schedule to our already jam-packed weeks was repulsive to me.

Currently, I stay busy with a part-time job, writing, teaching group fitness, getting the kids to Boy Scouts and Band concerts, teaching Religious School, ironing (ha!), and other assorted activities too numerous to list here. I also make (occasionally) party invitations “on the side” and involve myself in a crafts that I’ll throw myself into fully for a time.

Only occasionally do I feel completely overwhelmed with life. My friends think I’m nuts, but believe it or not, about five years ago I was in a much worse place. I didn’t know the art of saying “No” and I was on every stinkin’ committee that ever existed. Now, and maybe it’s because of my age (I’m gonna be 40, someday), I am still busy but will turn down plenty of stuff to be home with the family, just hanging out. My best days are spent with family and friends, just being together and taking time to look around a bit.

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    from Dawn…40 is the new 20! Now that I’m :cough: 41, I can officially say that I’m ‘in my 40s.’ It’s so liberating, I tell ya!